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2016 Support Tip Roundup: 8 Tips for Maximizing Journyx

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journyx-mgr-approvals-mainAs we say goodbye to what could be described as an…interesting 2016 (to put it mildly), we look forward to what 2017 will bring us, both personally and professionally. You may be still in the process of closing out the year, and hopefully Journyx has helped you to better reconcile employee time and expenses.

We publish support tips to help you, as an admin and user of Journyx, maximize the value it provides your company. As you open the books on a new year, these 8 support tips we posted in 2016 can help make your job easier.

  1. Use memorized sheets to load recurring schedules quickly. Do you have recurring meetings or patterns in the type of work you do? Memorized sheets may be a good tool to use to speed up completion of your Journyx timesheets.
  2. Request leave and track time off. Not sure how to request time off or track your current requests? Here’s what to do.
  3. Learn the difference between sheet/period approvals and project approvals. The Journyx system has two approval options (Sheet/Period Approvals and Project Approvals) that can be used individually or together. The basic concept is the same but there are also differences.
  4. Get help on your Journyx password. This is by far the number one question the Journyx Support Team is asked – but the answer to your question may not be what you expect.
  5. Set up system emails. As an admin in Journyx, you have the ability to set up all areas of the Journyx software. One important area that is sometimes overlooked is system emails.
  6. Learn how your license keys work in Journyx. If you have employees leaving the company or a lot of turnover, this is especially important.
  7. Generate accrual reports in Journyx 10.1. Accrual reporting is is one of the main new features in Journyx v10.1, and the top question we’ve been asked since 10.1 was released is “Why won’t my old reports work?”
  8. Set project dependencies. Many times you do not want all of your available entry column items to appear to users for specific projects. You can control this by setting your project dependencies.