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November 26, 2013

For the third year, Journyx will attend Microsoft Convergence. Watch for more information, including the Journyx booth number.

November 20, 2013

The holidays are starting and that means pumpkin coffee drinks, holiday music, colder weather, and a whole lot of stress! There’s the elaborate dinners to prepare, the countless gifts to find and purchase, and the numerous events to arrange. But fortunately at Journyx we’ve come up with some time saving tricks for the holidays.

Quick Desserts

If you are preparing holiday dinner, save time on the dessert. Instead of making an elaborate cake or pie, just put out supplies for sundaes or check out these desserts for more time-saving ideas. This way you can focus your time on the main courses.

Gift Wrapping

To save time and money on gift-wrapping, buy solid colors that can be used for every holiday, including birthdays. This way you don’t have to buy different, holiday-appropriate gift-wrapping for every event. And you can always use newspapers if you run out!

Plan Your Travel in Advance

If you plan to go see friends or relatives over the holidays be sure to plan your trip far in advance. The good deals on flights and hotels go fast, especially for holiday vacations, and most people will be looking to take off time from work around this time.

Make Good Use of the Internet

Instead of braving the cold and the crowds to buy all your gifts, go online. Most retailers will offer deals and discounts on shipping over the holidays, so there’s no money to be saved for finding gifts in-person. Just be sure to start early so that your gifts arrive in time.

Make It a Potluck

Instead of preparing all of the holiday dishes yourself, get all of your friends and relatives to pitch in with a potluck dinner. This is more fun and will save you a huge amount of time and effort.

Hopefully, these time tricks will help you have a more stress-free, fun-filled holiday season!

November 11, 2013

Learning a second (or third or fourth!) language can be a great asset for professionals in today’s global economy. Being bilingual can especially be helpful if you interact with the public directly, such as with sales and customer service jobs. It can also open up new career opportunities (such as a job as a foreign language teacher), help your resume stand out, and give you numerous cognitive benefits.

The problem is: learning a language is hard! And time intensive! Fortunately Smigin helps you learn a new language quickly and easily.  Smigin focuses on helping you learn conversational Spanish by emphasizing common words and phrases. It also allows you to customize the program to relevant topics.

The system uses videos to make the process fun.  The videos are shot on location and utilize both a beginner and a native speaker, so that listeners can get a real sense of each word or phrase. Users can then play games to put their newly learned words and phrases to the test. The games increase in difficulty as the user progresses.  

The system currently offers courses in Spanish but it will soon be expanding its offerings to include French and German. It’s free to register for Smigin, which gives you access to essential phrases. You can then upgrade to a paid version. The one month version is $19, the six month version $89, and the one year version $149. 

November 7, 2013

Business trips are an important part of business. A recent study by Oxford Economics found that investing in face-to-face interactions with out-of-town clients and potential clients has a significant payoff – for every dollar invested in travel, companies made $9.50 in revenue and $2.90 in profit.  

However, as any frequent business traveler knows, business trips are often stressful and time-consuming. You can’t avoid having to make these excursions, but you can make the experience more stress-free and time-efficient.  

Fly Regional

While it might be tempting to fly out of one of the big airports, smaller, regional airports often offer a quicker, easier experience. There is usually less traffic to and from these airports and fewer people to deal with inside.

Research Flights

Your company will probably book you on the cheapest flight – which might not be the most direct one. Do your own research for the fastest flights, and then download FlightTrack on your smartphone. FlightTrack will keep you informed of any delays, changes, or cancellations, and will provide you with alternative flight options. 

Leave Prepared

If you are a frequent business traveler, keep a bag packed at all times. Make sure to include the essentials: toiletries, casual and professional clothing, etc. Also remember to print out your boarding pass beforehand, so that you don’t have to wait in line once you arrive at the airport.

Stick with Carry-On

Be sure to pack light, so that you can limit your luggage to a carry-on. This way, if you print out your boarding pass and check-in beforehand online, then you can breeze past the check-in lines straight to security.

Stay Organized

Staying organized throughout your trip can help you save time that might have been wasted trying to figure out your next step. TripIt, a smartphone app, can help you stay organized by keeping all your travel information (boarding passes, hotel reservations, or rental service information) in one place and integrating it into a seamless itinerary.

Business trips can be a source of stress and hassle, but if you follow the steps above you can have an easier, more seamless experience. 

November 7, 2013

“You can have an impact anywhere you are.” –Tony Dungy

We’re deep in the heart of Texas once again, but we had so much fun in Tampa while we were there! This year was absolutely huge, drawing in almost 750 GP attendees and around 4,000 attendees overall. It was so great to meet all of you there! We got to see many people in capes, decked out in handmade GPUG gear and proudly wearing their own company’s logo. A bunch of you even stopped by our booth and tried your luck with the slot machine.


With 185 interactive sessions to choose from, 176 sponsors and exhibitors, 101 volunteer presenters and an inspiring keynote address from NFL Super Bowl winning Coach Tony Dungy, we’re reeling in the photos and best moments in case you missed out or just want to relive the fun.

GPUG 2014 isn't far off, either. In the heart of America, GPUG Summit is set to be in St. Louis Missouri in 2014. 









Did you love it as much as we did? Tell us your favorite moments in the comment section below! And from all of us here at Journyx, we hope to see you there next year!

November 6, 2013

New Features, Same Community Offers More Ways to Interact, Contact Support and be in the Know

AUSTIN, TEXAS (November 6, 2013) – Today Journyx reveals a completely redesigned Journyx User Community. The launch of these updates come at the helm of website and product rebranding, and a need for easier navigation, faster access to support, and a desire to bring together an interactive forum for discussion, ideas and solutions including:

·         Updates to all product messaging including core products Journyx and Journyx PX.

·         Easier access to the Journyx UserVoice, where you can share your ideas for new products and solutions.

·         Quicker navigation to webinars and support.

·         Easier view of news updates and product documentation.

“The Journyx User Community has always been a great resource for users, especially when it comes to finding Support information,” said Curt Finch, CEO of Journyx. “Now we have made leaps and bounds in making it more user-friendly and navigable for all customers: from long-time to new customers and from those seeking support information to those who just want to know more about Journyx. There’s something for everyone.”

Journyx invites all customers to check out the new User Community and sign up for a webinar or voice their concerns on Journyx UserVoice. For more information about Journyx and getting involved, you may visit the Journyx User Community for news updates and whitepapers.

About Journyx, Inc.

Journyx is not your average software company. We strive to be relentlessly creative and to build tools that help you spend your time on things that matter. After all, time is all we have. Founded in 1996, Journyx offers customers two solutions to reach the highest levels of profitability: Journyx – project, time and expense tracking software – and Journyx PX – resource management software that provides work and financial forecasting for a complete picture of project and budget status, employee time and availability. Journyx has thousands of customers worldwide, including Crate&Barrel, Schlumberger, BP, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Callaway Golf, Honeywell and many others. For more information, visit

October 28, 2013

Alyssa joined Journyx in 2013. She is responsible for supporting all marketing and advertising efforts for customers prospective and nurtured, including strategy, content curation and campaigns. Additionally, she coordinates all aspects of Journyx' social media presence. Alyssa’s favorite thing about Journyx is “working for a company with honest people and open ideas, willing to be both parts witty and bold.”

October 25, 2013

Don’t underestimate the work that needs to be done when purchasing a new ERP system such as Dynamics GP.  With a whole new system being put in place there are many things that can cause problems, some which are not necessarily intuitive. Critical delays and added costs could turn what would be a successful implementation into a disaster. To thwart this from being your experience, consider enlisting the help of a Value-Added Reseller, such as Journyx. While your IT staff is top notch, unless they’ve done implementations for GP before, they must work as a team with the VAR to ensure success.


Here’s a countdown of the top 5 reasons to use a VAR:

1.Prevention—If the VAR have encountered snags in the installation process, they can work to prevent them from happening or mitigate the issues.

2.Mapping—The VAR will help you map out the settings of the application. Many of which need to be decided before using the system such as:

  • How the Chart of Accounts will be set up
  • How you want the transactions from the sub ledgers to post to the general ledger
  • How security within the application should be set up for good internal control

  3.Resources— The VAR have resources that can manipulate data from the current system and will ensure that the information is loaded in correctly.

4.Experience—Dynamics GP is designed with a lot of flexibility to accommodate add-on modules. The VAR have experience in dealing with 3rd party add-on applications. They can also recommend 3rd party apps if the business has a different way of handling transactions.

5.Training—While Dynamics GP is a great ERP system, it is not something that you can just pick up and intuitively know how it works. The VAR will have the capacity to provide user and administrator training.


Don’t use price alone to determine who you are going to go with for your VAR. Ask questions about their user experience. Make your own list of needs your company has and needs met. Prioritize your most important problems that must to be solved and go from there. When building your house, you use a building contractor; when starting a business you need a model in place. In this same way, a VAR will be the best guiding hand to starting up a Dynamics GP implementation, giving you the right tools to dive in.

October 23, 2013

Do you have trouble keeping your friends’, family’s, and clients’ addresses and phone numbers organized and updated? Have you sent letters to the wrong address and called the wrong number trying to get in contact? Don’t worry! The software program Plaxo offers the solution. 

John McCrea, vice president of marketing for Plaxo, calls this free system a “smart address book you can use for your entire life. It’s self-updating, so whenever someone in your address book changes jobs, moves, gets a new cell phone number, your contact information is automatically up-to-date.”

With its free service, the system lets you consolidate contacts from the leading online services, and receive automatic updates from contacts also on Plaxo. The contacts are accessible on mobile through Plaxo’s free mobile applications, including iPhone, Andriod, and Blackberry. Additionally, for $5.00 a month, the system will sync contacts through email, including Google and Outlook. You can also merge duplicate contacts and receive birthday reminders.

When you sign up with Plaxo, you can provide as much or as little information as you want, including email address, phone number, physical address, and birthday. Whenever you meet someone new you can figure out if they are already in the system, and the system will automatically sync their information.

The highest tier Plaxo service (Plaxo Personal Assistant for $6.67 a month) will search out contacts online through publicly available information from sources like White Pages, LinkedIn, and Facebook. This way, even if the person isn’t in the system, you can still get their contact information.

You can access Plaxo from a regular Web browser at home, in the office, or on a mobile phone. So, instead of wasting time trying to update and organize your contact information yourself, invest in Plaxo. 

October 21, 2013

Out of all the necessary weekly errands, grocery shopping is probably the most time consuming. If you have a family, your grocery list will probably be long and involved, and collecting all of those items can take hours. How can you save time at the grocery store? Here at Journyx, we’ve compiled a list of Time Tricks to help your next grocery trip go more quickly and seamlessly.

Plan Ahead

Plan out your meals for the week, and keep a running list of everything you will need. If you have a family or partner, keep the list in a place where they can easily add items. Also check your cupboards and refrigerator to make sure you have all the basics on hand (bread, butter, sugar, flour, etc.). There’s nothing worse than trying to make a new cookie recipe only to find that you’re out of sugar!

Make a Route

Figure out the layout of your grocery store and plan a route before you get there. (You can even ask the front desk if they have a photocopied layout of the store that you can use). Then group all of your listed items by aisle, so you won’t forget anything.


If you are a coupon cutter, make sure to collect all of your coupons beforehand. You don’t want to be stuck flipping through a coupon book in one of the aisles. 

Go on Off Hours

Don’t go to the grocery store in the middle of your Saturday or Sunday, when it will be packed with weekend shoppers. Instead, try to go either before or after work on a weekday. It will be much less crowded and you’ll be able to do your shopping in relative peace.

Go Alone and Full

If you have kids or a partner, don’t bring them with you on your shopping trip – having another person with you will just make things harder. And most importantly, don’t go hungry! You’ll just end up overbuying. Instead go when you are contently full, so that you only stock up on the things you really need. 

October 16, 2013

Do you maintain several social media sites? Does your company? With the great number of social media sites available (Facebook! LinkedIn! Twitter! Pintrest!), it can be hard to keep all of your accounts up-to-date. That’s why HootSuite is such a handy tool. HootSuite let’s you schedule and synchronize posts on all your social media accounts, as well as track brand mentions and analyze social media traffic.

HootSuite’s streamlined interface lets you view up to five social media sites at one time. You can do most everything that can on their native sites – post, Tweet, message, etc. But the kicker is that HootSuite lets you schedule posts on multiple sites at once. That means no need to scramble trying to post all of your message – HootSuite lets you craft a post at your leisure (it can even include a link and a photo) and then choose a scheduled time and date for the post to be released. HootSuite’s Auto Schedule feature will even space out your posts to be published at optimum times.

Additionally, HootSuite is a great choice for any business trying to gain a social media presence. HootSuite supports company pages on all of the major social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. This lets you manage your company’s online presence in one place. HootSuite also lets you set up teams and members under their team management facility. This allows members to easily access the social media sites and share actionable social media tasks among each other. (The team management facility is available starting at $8.99 for HootSuite Pro.)

But HootSuite’s greatest differentiator is its analytics. HootSuite’s metrics will help you track your company’s brand name as well as general social media traffic. This information can help you develop social media marketing strategies and allow you to diffuse any negative activity your sites might generate (such as a customer posting about a negative customer experience).

HootSuite is available across a wide variety of platforms, including MacOSX, Windows, Linux and most mobile platforms. It is available in free, Pro, and Unlimited versions – so do some research before making your selection, and then enjoy easy, streamlined social media activity. 

October 14, 2013

We are excited to attend the Great Plains User Group (GPUG) Summit next week in Tampa! We will be at booth #548 and if you stop by our booth, you’ll get a chance to take a spin and win on our slot machine! See if you get lucky with Journyx! We will have many gift cards on hand for winners, including Starbucks, AMC Theaters and more, plus big winners could receive a $50 Visa gift card. You’re always a winner with Journyx!

We are excited to tell attendees about our totally customized solution for Microsoft Dynamics GP that not only supercharges time and expense tracking, but provides a total enterprise package.

Our Journyx for GP solution includes:

  • Journyx software: Web-based project, time and expense tracking software that allows you to conduct data entry validation, multi-level approvals and flexible accrual calculations.
  • Journyx Accountlink for Microsoft Dynamics GP: Bi-directional, seamless integration between Journyx and GP.
  • ProStart implementation services: We will have your team up and running quickly.
  • Accrual Calculator: A simple interface for automating specific leave time accrual processes.
  • Data Validation Tool: Allows you to validate time data entered into Journyx against customized rules.
  • Interface with your payroll system: Your data is always totally synced with Journyx.

Journyx is flexible and totally customizable -- something you won’t find with the gigantic vendors. We offer mobile and offline entry, and a very competitive rate for customizations so you get a completely tailored solution that fits your unique business needs.

Interested to learn more about Journyx for Dynamics GP and how it can help your company? We have two demo webinars to give you all the information you need: November 6 and November 11.

Check out our brief video that explains why so many Dynamics users love Journyx! See you at the show!

October 14, 2013

Forty (plus) hours of your week is spent at work, so any free time you have is precious.  And often too much of that time is eaten up by errands, giving you little or no time to exercise, explore hobbies, and spend with family and friends. Fortunately at Journyx, we’ve come up with some Time Tricks to make your errand running faster, easier, and less stressful.

Never Do Just One

It will help you save gas and energy if you group your errands together into one trip. Don’t just grab your kid from band practice – pick up the milk and bread too.  Make sure you organize your errands geographically, so that you don’t waste time going back and forth across town.


If you have a partner or children, consider off-loading some of the errand responsibility on them. You don’t need to Swiffer the kitchen or do the dishes everyday; delegate those tasks. This will give you the time and energy to focus on the important errands.

Keep a List

Keep an errand list with you at all times. Make sure there is a running list of normal errands, as well as small things you might have forgotten (buying a present for a party; picking up new shoes for your daughter). Also consider keeping a master grocery list on your computer. Your grocery list shouldn’t change very much from week to week, and this way you can update it easily by adding or removing items.

Be Prepared

You never know when you might have a spare moment to run an errand; maybe you get out of work early, or a Saturday appointment gets canceled.  Make sure you are always prepared by keeping supplies in your car. These should include a cooler and a basket for grocery shopping, bills that need to be paid, and stationary for writing letters.

Treat Yourself!

Errands can be tedious and exhausting. If you have kids, you almost certainly bribe them to go errand running with you. Why don’t your bribe yourself as well? Include a treat for yourself on your errand list, whether it’s a dessert, a movie purchase, or a new luxury soap. 

Don't let errand running take up all of your spare time. Use these Time Tricks to organize your errands and free up time for the things you really want to do.

October 9, 2013

Did you know that the average worker spends enough time on email to fill 73 days per year? That’s a whole lot of time! Fortunately the web app AWAYfind has come up with a solution. Instead of having to sort through your inbox several times a day, AWAYfind sends you an alert whenever an important email has arrived in your inbox.

With AWAYfind, you are alerted for emails depending on the filters and criteria you have set up – so the app will never alert you for spam or noncritical email threads. Additionally, there are numerous ways the app can alert you, including SMS, phone call, email, Yahoo! Messenger, AIM, Google Talk, and native iPhone push notifications.

Signing up for AWAYfind is quick and easy. Just use your Google login and the site will guide you through the registration process. Decide how you want to be notified and your initial criteria for notification. The site has pre-programmed two filters for notification: emails sent by a contact with a calendar appointment within the next 12 hours, and emails with “urgent” or “ASAP” flags. You can set up new filters based on email subject, contact name, who is included among the email's recipients, and more. 

AWAYfind offers several other features including:

  • Integration with Gmail and Outlook for seamless filter setup and editing.
  • A “Beginners Guide to Eliminating Email Interruptions.”
  • Flexible alerts that allow for a specific time scope (for example, if emails from a contact are only important that day).
  • Calendar Alerts that notify you automatically for emails relating to upcoming meetings.
  • Integration with both iPhones and Androids.

AWAYfind offers several plans for different users’ needs. There’s a personal plan for $4.99 per month, which includes 100 alerts per month for one email account. Then there is the pro version for $14.99 a month (1,000 alerts for five accounts), and the max version for $49.99 per month (unlimited alerts for unlimited accounts). Depending on the nature of your business, it might make the most sense to get AWAYfind for everyone in your office or department.

AWAYfind is easy to use and a great time saver. Many workers spend far too much of their work day checking and sending emails. AWAYfind goes beyond normal email filters (such as those on Gmail or Outlook) by making it so that you don’t have to check your inbox at all. AWAYfind alerts you personally whenever an important email comes in, so you can devote your attention to other, more important tasks. 

October 7, 2013

Ah, the dreaded business meeting. All businesses have them, and invariably a good percentage of them don’t have any real outcomes. In fact, Nancy Koehen of the Harvard Business School did a survey and found that, "Over half of the people surveyed say about half the meetings they attend are unproductive."

So how can you make your business meetings more productive? Here at Journyx we’ve come up with a few Time Tricks for scheduling and leading meetings.

Use Other Tools

First thing first: do you need to schedule a meeting? Many meetings can be handled through email, IM, or quick face-to-face conversations between the pertinent parties. And if you decide that a meeting is necessary, then make sure to only invite the people directly involved.

Prepare for It

Make sure to have the meeting’s objectives outlined before the start of the meeting. You can also circulate information packets to the attendees and find a way to have attendees submit questions and ideas. This way, all parties will be informed and ready to make decisions when the meeting starts. As Seth Godin says, “Don’t bother having a meeting if you’re not there to change or make a decision right now.”

Limit Distractions

Don’t schedule your meeting in a room that’s far removed from the attendees’ offices or far too big or small for the number of people involved. Instead pick a convenient, appropriately sized location and remove all potential distractions, including food, cell phones, and even chairs! Standing meetings are usually more productive, as seen in this study where the standing group came to a decision in 34% less time than the sitting group. 

Track Meeting Time

Figure out the key objectives to your meeting and then assign a time estimate to each objective. Track your time as the meeting progresses and enforce the time limits for each objective – time estimates don’t do any good unless they are enforced. To keep things moving along without interruption consider using a “talking object” so that only one person is speaking at one time.

Take Minutes and Assign Actions

Make sure that someone takes minutes for you meeting; ideally this should be the same person every week for consistency. Additionally, everyone at the meeting should be assigned specific actions based on the conclusions reached during the meeting. These actions should have specific scopes and deadlines, and they should be recorded with the minutes. 

Meetings are often unnecessary and unproductive. But if you take these Time Tricks into account, you can have quick, productive meetings in no time.

October 3, 2013

With Microsoft Dynamics GP, companies can compare estimated budgets and timelines against actuals to ensure that projects stay on track. Unfortunately, many businesses that implement a Dynamics GP system unwittingly create bottlenecks and data errors due to weak processes, and end up hindering project success. In this white paper, Journyx offers five steps that will help you maximize the value of Microsoft Dynamics GP.

October 3, 2013

Cloud software solutions can streamline business processes for Microsoft Dynamics users while cutting both costs and maintenance effort. Cloud solutions take three forms: public, private, and hybrid. Depending on corporate policy and specific security concerns, they might not all fit the specifications of a given company. This white paper will help you determine the right functionality you need from a cloud solution, and to choose accordingly.