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How to Start a Company Without an IT Guy...

April 20, 2007

Have you ever noticed that IT guys are grumpy? Partly I think that's because they never get calls like this:

"Hey Scott, just called to say everythings working ok today and you're a great guy!"

The calls are typically more like this:

"Hey Scott, Have you ever noticed that your spam filter pretty much only filters out our sales leads? But luckily it does let all the Viagra ads through which is good because it gives us something to think about while we're not selling anything. Did they have classes in spam filtering at the college you supposedly went to?"

His only possible answers to this tirade are either:

  1. "Shut up."
  2. "Colleges don't teach that, unfortunately."

It's kinda like being a fireman. You can never respond to the fire fast enough no matter what you do.

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