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Selecting a GDPR-Compliant Cloud Software Provider: Key Questions to Ask

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The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is replacing existing EU data privacy regulations. Organizations that are impacted by the regulation must achieve GDPR compliance by May 25, 2018. Among the many business processes it impacts, GDPR may significantly change your company’s selection

Try the Journyx Signature Cocktail, The Triple T!

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I know, I know. We’re a time tracking software company, not a bar. But after a recent cocktail mixology event we held for our staff to come up with a Journyx signature cocktail, maybe we should open a bar… OK, maybe not. But we came up with one heck of a signature cocktail. Ladies and ge

Preparing for the FLSA Overtime Rule Changes

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New overtime rule changes are coming down the pike in July 2016 from the FLSA. Here's what you can do to prepare.

Changing a Timesheet: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

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Before you change any timesheet, beware the regulatory ramifications. Two regulatory schemes in particular have painful consequences - FLSA and DCAA.

The Fair Labor Standards Act: What You Need to Know

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The Department of Labor (DOL) is proposing changes to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), expected to become effective in 2016.