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How Big Data Can Make Your Timesheets Better WITHOUT Being Big Brother

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A recent Forbes article, Should Big Data Be Used To Measure Employee Productivity?, includes some interesting insights on a study done by Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology. The study specifically looks at how employees respond to big data/machine learning when applied to employee

Using Dynamics GP for Capturing Time Data? Here Are the Pros & Cons.

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The underlying technology for entering time in Dynamics GP has changed a lot since the days of using Business Portal. Support for more browsers and mobile platforms has improved accessibility to the features that are now delivered via the Employee Self-Service portal. However, the data, workflows an

Live from GPUG Summit 2016: Dynamics GP is Not Dead Yet; Dynamics 365 First Look

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The 2016 Dynamics User Group Summit (which includes GPUG, AXUG, NAVUG and CRMUG) kicked off yesterday in Tampa, FL, where skies were blue and sunny, despite the potential for much worse weather from Hurricane Matthew. This is the 10th year of GPUG Summit (Journyx is a proud Gold Sponsor of GPUG Summ

Partners Unsure About Dynamics 365 at NAV Directions

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From Scottish brogues, to vintage bowling alleys, to beautiful desert vistas, the NAV Directions conference in Phoenix has provided a lot to see and hear. At reIMAGINE in Fargo two weeks ago, Dynamics GP partners were filled with trepidation at the prospect of GP eventually going the way of the dodo

Support Tip of the Month: Requesting Leave and Tracking Time Off in Journyx

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Here's how to request leave and time off in the Journyx time tracking system.

Support Tip of the Month: Using Memorized Sheets to Load Recurring Schedules Quickly

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Do you have recurring meetings or patterns in the type of work you do? Memorized sheets may be a good tool to use to speed up completion of your Journyx timesheets.

Support Tip of the Month: Tracking Holiday Time in Journyx

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Need to configure your company's holidays in Journyx to automatically track employee time on those days? Journyx has a holiday scheduling tool for that.

Support Tip of the Month: Keeping Track of Your Manager Approvals Using Organization Compliance Viewer

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Journyx offers a variety of tools for supervisors and managers who are responsible for reviewing and approving timesheets. The Organization Compliance Viewer helps you see a complete overview of your approval queues and status.

How To Get Your Employees to Fill Out Their Timesheets, Pt. 2: Make It Fast and Easy

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Having trouble getting your employees to fill out their timesheets? Here are some ideas for making it fast and easy for them to track their time.

Support Tip of the Month: Activating and Deactivating Employees in Journyx

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Journyx includes user account management features that make it easy to manage individual time and expense entry access as employees...