Team Time Tracking Made Easy

Journyx Time Tracking Software

for Agile Teams

Your teams should be able to track their time easily from anywhere. With the right application, you can have real-time access to the information you need to boost productivity, optimize efficiency, and increase profit.

Stay Informed in an Agile World

Today’s workforce does not sit still for anything. With what feels like a million projects going on at once—in a million different locations—you need to know that your data collection is a dependable constant. You cannot wait on weekly or monthly reports that might give you an accurate picture of your teams’ performance.

Crucial Benefits of Journyx Team Time Tracking

Resource Allocation: You need to know how much time your team members spend on different projects in order to know when they will be available for future projects. You can reflect on team time tracking data to pin down the best scheduling options and predict future resource availability. Having access to this kind of data is key to smart growth. Journyx PX is specifically designed to provide complete visibility into who is working on what project, whether your projects are on schedule, and project profitability. On the other hand, Journyx WX allows you to include non-project employees to track their time in the same system, reducing the need for multiple systems.

Data-Driven Accounting: Stay compliant with payroll regulations, avoid unnecessary overtime payouts, and pinpoint the cost of projects with crystal-clear accuracy. With solid data to back the quotes you give clients, you can stop guesstimating and start charting just how profitable each project—and each team—really is. This allows you to stop wasting time and resources. Automatic time rounding, data validations, and reminders prevent costly payroll errors without the need for extra people hours.

Team Empowerment: From the ease of turning any device into a time clock to the ability to provide your team members with transparent information about their time, team time tracking empowers employees to be more productive, engaged, and accountable. Managers can respond to time-off requests quickly and adjust schedules as needed. In increasingly deadline-driven environments, this level of autonomy is crucial to enabling your team leaders to motivate their teams to get work done on time.

Workflow Streamlining: Whether they’re on the go or in the office, your team needs an easy, stress-free way to track their time. With a few taps on an app or a click on the screen, your team members’ work can be individually logged and synced in real time with the rest of their team’s, giving you actionable data without wasted time. Integrating Journyx with your existing enterprise systems can even automate team time tracking and timesheet validation. After all, it is far better for your team to spend their time on the project itself instead of tracking their time.

Project Time and Resource Analytics Bar Chart

Today’s enterprise environments are largely driven by teamwork, so why limit the data you have on your most important resource—your people—to individual timesheets that do not tell the whole story?

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