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GEES Streamlines Project Management and Billing with Journyx

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What Journyx did for us:

I am very impressed with Journyx. Its flexibility and ability to adapt to our company’s needs has been phenomenal. We also like that Journyx hosts the software for us, thereby reducing our in-house IT expenses.

Terry Bussell, Business Manager

Their Story

GEES, Inc. ( offers civil engineering, surveying, construction management, and planning and visualization services. GEES provides construction plans for small, medium and large residential, commercial, industrial, and governmental properties, as well as FEMA Floodplain Studies, TXDOT permitting, site design, and other projects, as requested. These projects include drainage improvements, potable water facilities, sanitary sewer facilities, traffic and transportation improvements, zoning, land use plans, site planning, and preliminary platting.

Prior to implementing Journyx Timesheet, GEES used Microsoft Excel to keep track of and organize employee time. Each day, every employee would enter their time into a spreadsheet, print it and give it to administrative staff. Once all timesheets were gathered, the information was entered into another spreadsheet that was set up for each project – a consolidation of the time worked on a job. The job spreadsheets were updated daily and used for billing time on a monthly basis. The administrative staff would then manually enter all billing for each job on a monthly basis into QuickBooks.

This process was obviously laborious and time-intensive. GEES sought a flexible solution that worked with most operating systems. The GEES server operating system is Linux – GEES found few companies work on Linux and offer the flexibility that Journyx could provide. It was equally important to GEES that the billing process be sped up – the amount of time it took to process invoices was far too long. GEES determined that Journyx could provide this solution with QuickBooks integration via Journyx AccountLink.


Using Journyx Timesheet, GEES’ client billing is now more accurate, with the added benefit of organizing employee time by project. Additionally, GEES has increased its level of customer service by having access to real-time information which allows for better project management. Timesheet’s historical data capabilities have proven invaluable when research is needed quickly on particular projects.


In regards to real results from using Timesheet, GEES estimates that entering employee time in Excel cost the company approximately $900.00 per month in data entry costs. Using Journyx Timesheet, GEES’ billing increased significantly due to being able to keep track of time spent on projects, and by tracking reimbursable costs more accurately. For example, in the 4th quarter of 2004, the amount of work GEES accomplished decreased by almost 20 percent compared to the 4th quarter of 2003. Yet, the billing increased almost $40,000.00 for the same period. The cost of doing business also decreased. GEES reduced headcount by 6 employees and accomplished the same amount of work due to Timesheet automating such an integral part of the business.

“I am very impressed with Journyx,” said Bussell. “Its flexibility and ability to adapt to our company’s needs has been phenomenal. As an example of its flexibility, Journyx is configured to bill based upon the task performed. We bill based on who is working on that task (each employee has their own billable rate). In Journyx Timesheet, we changed the configuration to bill according to each employee’s billable rate. We also like that Journyx hosts the software for us, thereby reducing our in-house IT expenses.”

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