Protect your employees. Ensure all your access points are covered.

Facility Access Control

Easy to configure & maintain

Extensive reporting

Real-time data monitoring

A complete facility access control system is comprised of both software and hardware.

Our web-based access control software allows you to configure the doors in your facilities to control employee and visitor access—available independently or integrated with our other time clock products.

We also offer several options for facility access control hardware. Employee time clocks—including biometric devices, proximity badge devices, and swipe card devices—can be used to control access at each door.

Facility Access Control System Features

Employee access tracking

Track employee access, generate traffic reports, prevent access by unauthorized visitors, and restrict access on a person-by-person basis. 

Visitor management

Track and monitor where visitors are inside your facility. Go beyond a simple badge or barcode to track usage statistics by specific visitors and provide documentation of visitor locations within a facility. 

Real-time incident monitoring

Receive important security information via email, phone, or text message, and maintain a digital record of each facility’s system activity updated in real-time. 

Facility lockdown on-demand

Rest easy knowing you can remove access privileges for any group in the system instantly. 

Configurable system for smart organizations

A rules-based access control system that can be easily customized by you through any browser. Manage all types of doors and turnstiles 

  • Schedule general admission access times 
  • Schedule-based access 
  • Deny access following termination 
  • Map access points by department

Secure facility access control ensures proper employee & visitor authorized access

Our facility access control system offers the best protection of your most important assets with features like security ID, biometric verification, door control, and alarm management.

  • Control and document the door admittance of all employees
  • Restrict users from buildings or rooms to which they should not have access
  • Keep facilities safe with real-time monitoring of all access points for security guards
  • Grant access only to specific areas for visitors and vendors and track records of their movement
  • Set alarms to automatically sound if a door is left open or forced open
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