If you deal with customers on any sort of basis, you know that no matter the season, great customers are one of the main properties that keeps your business afloat. And it’s not just a one way-relationship, either. It’s a two-way street where it’s absolutely key to reward your customers for their loyalty and continued business. But what does that really entail?

Reliability in an unstable economy

The best way to treat your customers right is to first and foremost provide them with a great and reliable product. One of our clients, Intersys Consulting, improved their customer service by switching from their old payroll system to Journyx. “Many of our Fortune 500 clients do billing audits,” Intersys CEO J.R. Carter said. “They usually hire an outside company to catch billing errors. One of our biggest clients was just audited for a time period of three years, encompassing 600-700 invoices. The auditing company came back with no errors related to time tracking. This is, of course, attributable to our awesome office manager but also to Journyx.”

Don’t just wait to speak, listen to them instead

But beyond just providing a great product, you should also strive to figure out your customer’s needs. This may require a time investment, but if you can understand what your customer wants, you can focus your efforts to help them achieve it. Position your company as an important part of your customers’ future strategies and they will likely pay you back many times over.

Be prepared to weather any storm with them

Of course, don’t get frustrated when the other line is a little quiet, either. Not every customer will be responsive to your outreach efforts. Even if you have determined that you can devote time to developing a relationship, some customers just aren’t interested in anything beyond your core product. That is still great. Scale back your efforts, but don’t completely cease them. Sometimes, persistence pays off. Similarly, keep an eye to the future. Companies often change strategy and focus, which could present a future opportunity to reengage. Be ready to step up your activities when it’s the right time for them.

The most successful targeted customer outreach programs are mutually beneficial.

A mutualistic relationship is the best relationship

At Journyx we have implemented a deep integration with the Microsoft Dynamics GP accounting systems for some of our customers because our software is a flexible add-on to Dynamics. Although we originally implemented this for just one customer, we have been able to expand on the success of the original offering. If it weren’t for a specific instance of customer outreach, we wouldn’t have discovered a profitable new market for this business to dive into.

Take customer outreach seriously, and treat it with as much respect as any other business project. The results can be measured in your bottom line, and you may uncover unexpected benefits that you might have otherwise missed. Move forward intelligently, with an eye to your costs and capabilities, and the rewards will be substantial.