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Journyx Announces Release of Version 10.1 of its Time and Expense Tracking Software

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Latest update focuses on improvements to accrual balance management and leave time reporting

AUSTIN, TEXAS (September 12, 2016) – Journyx today proudly announces the release of version 10.1 of its flagship product, Journyx time and expense tracking software, and Journyx PX resource management software.

Accrual balance management, or the management of employee leave time, can be a difficult process, due to accrual rules that are unique to each company and different roles. Version 10.1 of Journyx is focused on accrual management flexibility and leave time reporting improvements that make it easier for employees and HR personnel to manage time off and report on vacation earned.

Making Accruals Easier to Manage

“Different companies have their own unique rules for how employees are able to accrue and use leave time, which can make accrual balance management difficult for both managers and their employees to deal with,” said Meredith Zachritz, Director of Product Management at Journyx. “We continually collect feedback from our customers to improve our product, and this was definitely an area where Journyx users needed additional flexibility and reporting.”

Journyx 10.1 allows managers to place hard limits on leave time that block additional leave entries when employees reach or exceed their accrual balances by a defined amount. In addition, warnings can also be displayed when certain manager-determined accrual balance thresholds are reached. The new accrual framework includes an audit trail for all events that cause an accrual balance to change.

New Accrual Report Type

HR personnel who need to monitor and report on accrual balances and time taken can also benefit from a new Accrual report type, which displays accrual balance change history, balance start and end, and leave taken or pending.

“Our end users and approvers needed a way to see what time off a user has taken, how it affected their accruals, how rules or other changes affected their accruals, how future leave will affect balances, and general status of accrual balances for a selected time frame,” said Zachritz. “They can now see all of these things in one convenient report.”

Plethora of New Features

In addition to the improvements to accrual management and reporting, Journyx 10.1 has several additional features new to the platform, including:

  • Associating multiple pay types with a single accrual balance
  • Support of OFX and QFX credit card file formats, in addition to the QIF format
  • Option for automatic creation of expense and custom approval plans from org charts
  • Automatic project approval when conducting sheet/period approvals with the same information
  • Option to import time, expense or custom records while leaving them open for editing
  • Ability to set up multiple emails for a single user for system notifications
  • Assignment renaming and import of assignment custom fields in Journyx PX

An overview of all new features in Journyx 10.1 is accessible here.