We stand with our fellow providers of time tracking services in the face of this criminal act.

Time & Attendance for Payroll

Kronos Alternative - We're Here to Help

Journyx is ready to keep your immediate time for payroll systems running

No long-term commitment required.

If you’re scrambling for an alternative timesheet system as a result of the recent Kronos ransomware attack, Journyx is here to help. We stand by our fellow time and attendance service providers. Journyx will honor whatever pricing agreement you have with Kronos. We are offering our an immediate time tracking software solution with no commitment required, so you can return to Kronoswhenever you want to and they are back up and running.

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Journyx has the versatility to track and report on employee time for any business situation, from the simple to the complex. You can track time and expenses for as many levels of project hierarchy and as many different activity types, accounts, contracts, or other categories as needed.

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Like Kronos, Journyx simplifies the tedious, manual tasks involved with monitoring employee time and attendance, PTO, employee scheduling, and labor tracking. Our automated time tracking software and time clock system help you control labor costs and minimize compliance risk, while improving workforce productivity and engagement.

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