Matching business software to business needs

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how to choose business software

How to Choose Business Software, Part 1

Our friends at are completely connected. They’re blog has a plethora of articles from all kinds of VAR’s, partners and ISV’s – meaning, they have information coming straight from the thought leaders in the industry. You can even catch some works from our very own CEO, Curt Finch on their blog, and we love being in their good company.

Below is a great article with tips for small businesses on how to choose the right ERP software. Visit their site for the full scoop.

Maybe you are a small but growing business that is starting to feel the strain of outgrowing a basic accounting system.  Maybe you have a legacy system that is bogged down with years of bolt-on solutions that go unused.  Maybe the cost of maintaining on-premise is no longer a viable business decision.  Whatever the case, choosing the right business software is no easy task. Your new system is going to be the backbone of your business and it is going to play a major role in the future success of the organization, so there is almost no margin of error.  With that, we’ve come up with 3 key steps to choosing the right business software in a 3 part blog series.  In this first installment we will talk about matching business software to business needs.

Matching business software to business needs requires a lot of homework, carefully assessing what the business hopes to achieve with the software implementation.  Unfortunately not all departments or people are always going to be in agreement about how to prioritize business needs.

Internal sabotage from change-resistant employees is often a leading cause of ERP implementation, according to an article at So leveraging those organizational change best practices right out of the gate is part of your software selection best practices.

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