Journyx WX: A simple timesheet solution for payroll and leave tracking.

Timesheet Essentials

Eliminate the need for annoying paper timesheets, tedious data entry, and manual calculations. Journyx helps ease the burden of accurate time tracking on your workforce, empowering your team to be more productive and make fewer costly timekeeping errors.

Save Time & Money with Journyx WX

Journyx WX offers a painless time tracking solution that makes it easy for all of your employees to track time and leave requests.
  • Collect and process timesheets with ease 
  • Submit and view timesheet data on the go with the Journyx mobile app 
  • Review and approve employee leave requests
  • Automate vacation/PTO accrual with custom rules

One System for Tracking All Types of Time

It can be cumbersome and frustrating, not to mention expensive, to maintain several systems for employees to track project time versus payroll or non-project time. With Journyx WX, non-project employees can be licensed to track their time in the same system project teams use for tracking time for projects. Plus, employees can request and track their leave time in WX. Now you can keep everything housed in one solution, making it easy to enter, process, and report on workforce time data.

Simplify payroll processing by integrating our time tracking solution with your existing accounting and payroll software. Journyx WX integrates with:

A Simple User Interface with Big Potential

Journyx WX provides one simple user interface for your employees to enter all their time. You can easily manage leave requests and automate time off accrual calculations—and even create specific accrual processes that can be applied as needed to your employees.

Our industry-leading software uses smart, AI-driven technology that can learn from previously memorized entries to automatically create new time entry suggestions. With Journyx, your team will spend less time filling out timesheets and more time getting the job done!

Easier Payroll Processing and Reporting

Journyx helps automate your company’s payroll processes with an easy way to pass time and expense data from Journyx to your chosen payroll solution—making payroll reports more accurate and easier to complete.

The Payroll Rules Engine exports payroll provider-specific files containing all of your company’s payroll data collected by Journyx WX, so you can upload all that crucial data directly to your payroll providers. Seamlessly navigate and sync data between your existing business systems and Journyx to streamline payroll and billing processes.

Manage Employee Leave Time

Accruals—vacation, PTO, sick time, jury duty, and the like—are critical but difficult to manage aspects of employee time.

The Accrual Calculator in Journyx WX simplifies the process of calculating and maintaining accrual balances with a simple interface for creating triggers that automatically add to or deduct from employee balances. Employees can then request leave using their accrued time in WX.

Built-In Validation to Ensure Accuracy

One of the most time-consuming parts of entering timesheets is making sure they’re accurate. Journyx has built-in tools for validating timesheet data automatically, so you can reduce manual corrections and spend less time doing payroll.

You can even validate time data entered into Journyx against rules you create based on your organization’s specific needs. This gives you the accuracy you require without having to constantly double check your work.

Secure Cloud-Based Accessibility for Your Entire Team

Many time tracking software programs require users to log on to an in-office network. Journyx lets you cut the cord so your employees can access their timesheets and submit leave requests from any mobile device. Empower your team to conveniently track their time across devices with mobile entry for iOS and Android.

An increasingly global and mobile workforce requires secure cloud technologies, and Journyx takes data security very seriously. Our security-first cloud architecture keeps your data protected and takes the burden of server and backup management off your hands. Your employees can feel confident that any information they input will be security stored and transmitted.

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