How to Master Your Government Contract Management System

how to master your government contract management system graphic

Vincent Apesa, President of Broadleaf Inc., hosted by Brian Maxin, Director of Sales, Journyx

In this webinar hosted by Broadleaf Inc, you will learn about an exciting new product contract management system designed specifically for Federal Government contractors called COMS (Contract Management System). Learn how easy it can be to:

  • Track your contracts
  • Generate billing documents
  • Track deliverables
  • Get access to contract information in seconds

With COMS you can standardize your Federal Government contract processes and leave spreadsheets behind.

This webinar is sponsored by Journyx. Journyx is web-based time, expense and resource tracking software. Labor is often the highest expense in government contracts; therefore a robust labor management system is a requirement for any contractor that serves the U.S. Government. Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) compliance can be met only through detailed labor and cost center tracking. Journyx serves many government customers and gives them the peace of mind that their data is compliant.

Presented by Vincent Apesa, President of Broadleaf Inc., and hosted by Brian Maxin, Director of Sales, Journyx.

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