Secure, Reliable, Project-Based Time Tracking for Telecom

Plan, track, approve, and maintain workforce data with Journyx

Your profits depend on the accuracy of real-time cost tracking. Fortunately, Journyx understands your business needs and how to help achieve your goals and maximum profitability.

Our project-oriented time and expense tracking software for telecommunications companies provides the data you need to understand your costs better at the source. Accurate labor and equipment usage data gives you the power to control your costs as a field services provider.

If your field service business requires you to deal with work orders on a daily basis, contact Journyx to see how our premier, project-based time and expense tracking software will give your company unparalleled visibility into real-time service costs.

Learn more about our mobile time tracking app. We offer secure time tracking and submissions on-the-go, real-time visual manager dashboards, detailed analytics, and other useful tools to streamline your business operations.

Benefits of Journyx for Telecom:

As a B2b SaaS provider, we know very well that time is money, especially in the field service business. At Journyx, we understand how important it is for telecom businesses to keep track of time spent on work from anywhere. Our highly flexible, configurable time tracking software enables you to accurately track the labor time and costs associated with any given job, both per shift and pay period.

Benefits of Journyx for telecommunications project time tracking and cost accounting include:

  • Track time in one place for project/program cost measurement, grants reporting, and payroll
  • Sync data with accounting, payroll, and/or project management systems
  • Easily report time & expenses to grantors and funding sources
  • Eliminate tedious, manual work of inputting and chasing paper timesheets
  • Allow teams to track time remotely with the Journyx mobile app

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