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Minimize effort, minimize error. Maximize profits with Journyx.

  • Stop tracking down time data from multiple sources and have it all in one system.
  • Integrate with your existing business systems, including QuickBooks®, Microsoft Dynamics® ERP, Microsoft Project® and more.
  • Create approval workflows based on business process and drivers.
  • Eliminate employee time tracking errors with data validation.
  • Generate reports based on time, project, costing, and process compliance data.
  • Enter time across devices with mobile entry.
  • Track time across your entire time with crew-based time tracking.

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Our Customers are Time Tracking Heroes

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Journyx more than met our expectations. We were able to shave a week and a half off of our normal invoicing cycle. This time savings equals $5 to $6 thousand dollars a month versus our previous method.

-Allyson Stavron, Lead Cost Engineer, Parsons Brinckerhoff

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