Journyx Time & Expense Tracking for Finance

With the right data, you'll be driving in the right direction.

Employee time and expense data is a goldmine of valuable insights, giving you the information you need to steer the company in the right financial direction. However, it must be captured as accurately as possible – otherwise, you’re lost in a sea of empty data.

Journyx time and expense tracking software is your compass to help you drive growth and enterprise value in your organization – giving you a clearer understanding of where employees spend their time.

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"[Journyx] is intuitive, has excellent approval tracking for audit purposes, tailors well for our client projects and has reporting which can be valuable to the client."

– Angela Roberts, CRA Recruitment Executive, craresources

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We now have a more accurate means to know what things cost. Journyx helps us refine future estimates based on historical data.

– Steve Allen, Senior Project Manager

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The Power to See Into Your Company's Financial Future

Whether you need data for project accounting, annual budgeting, or compliance reporting, Journyx gives you the power to collect more accurate time and expense data. Now you know when, where, why and how money is being spent – so you can forecast and budget for your company’s financial success.

Time and Expense for Billing and Payroll

Not a Dime Left on the Table

When your company depends on client billings, you can’t afford missed hours and timesheet errors. With Journyx, you can capture better time, cost and project accounting data in less time – so you can get invoices out quicker and with more accurate detail.


One Time and Expense Tracking System to Rule Them All

Your employee time and expense data needs to flow automatically to your accounting/ERP, project management, and payroll systems. Journyx provides a single system for tracking employee time and expense data and integrates with all your other key business systems, eliminating manual work and improving processes for collecting the data you need. Find out more about Journyx integrations >


Time and Expense Tracking That Helps Your Stay in Compliance

If you need to comply with various state, federal, and even global regulations (such as DCAA, HIPAA, or GDPR), you know how important it is to collect the right employee data in the right way. With Journyx, you can ensure financial compliance with a better way to categorize all work and cost data. Plus, Journyx adheres to strict privacy controls and takes the security of your employee data seriously. Find out what Journyx is doing about data security >

Flexible Reporting That Makes You Look Like a Hero

Need to generate several different types of reports from your employee time and expense data? Journyx gives you the reporting flexibility to accommodate the needs of different departments and groups while allowing reporting across the entire organization. Journyx Reportlink combines your Journyx time and expense data with the power of Microsoft Excel – so you can create rich, robust reports.

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Bernard Hodes Gains Better Insight Into the Value They Bring to Clients with Journyx

“We tried time tracking before but it just didn’t work. Usually it’s a lack of discipline within the organization that causes software to fail. Our former time-tracking system fell into disuse. Employees won’t track their time if management doesn’t require it.

“We chose Journyx because they are a market leader, because it is offered as software-as-a-service, and it was simple to get started tracking our time. Additionally, our job request/ticketing software works with the Journyx API, allowing us to link our workflow with time tracking.

“The power of Journyx is in telling us analytically where we have spent our time. We can track how long it takes to do a job and then compare it to our expectations. We can assess the value that we are bringing to our clients through our project and services work.”

-Bill Bloom, Director of Development, Hodes iQ

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