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  • Journyx for Oil & Gas

Journyx is for Oil & Gas Companies

Whether you are upstream or downstream, your profits depend on the accuracy of real-time costs. Journyx understands this. Our project, time & expense tracking software gives you the data you need to understand your costs better at the source – on a per-well basis. Accurate labor and equipment usage data gives you the power to control your lift costs if you’re an E&P, and visibility into real-time service costs if you’re in the oilfield services sector.

  • Capture cost data on a per-well basis for your remote workforce in the field.
  • Track equipment utilization to know at a glance who is using what, and what is or isn’t available.
  • Customize the Journyx system to work with your internal processes – including time entry, equipment tracking, approvals, and more.
  • Integrate with your accounting, payroll, and other business systems for project accounting, JIB, etc.
  • Allow field teams to track time remotely with the Journyx mobile app.

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