Journyx for Supervisors

You’re the leader of your team. You supervise many people and projects, and need to know who and what is available for new projects and allocate resources appropriately. You need to see the big picture for all projects to make sure there are no unwanted surprises and that everything continues to hum along smoothly.

How Journyx Can Help

With a time, expense and resource management system, you can manage your team no matter where they are and keep track of all your resources in one place. With Journyx and Journyx PX, you can:

  • Coordinate staff time-off schedules in one central location.
  • Gain visibility into staff activities and resource allocation requirements via real-time reports on project assignments and actual time entered.
  • Improve accuracy, compliance, and speed up the timesheet review process with automated workflow approval plans and audited corrections.
  • Manage your entire team with crew-based time entry.