Time-Saving Tech: Too Many Business Cards?

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Time-Saving Tech: Too Many Business Cards?As a professional in the business world, you probably have numerous important interactions with other professionals on a daily basis. And you want to be able to keep track of your contact information and conversation summaries– which often means rifling through business cards and napkins scribbled with notes. Fortunately Jibber Jobber offers a better way to organize your business relationships.

It’s important to consciously manage relationships with your contacts over the long term,” says Jason Alba, CEO of Jibber Jobber. “Using Jibber Jobber, you can quickly and privately import contacts from a variety of sources, rank relationships, log notes about relationships, create action items and tie them to people or companies.”

Billing itself as a career toolset, Jibber Jobber offers many important networking tools, including:

  1. Contact management: You can import contacts from social media sites, place them on a map, add descriptions, and detail the relationships between contacts.
  2. Action Items: Need to remember to call a certain contact? Jibber Jobber can remind you to follow up on important tasks at a specified time.
  3. Company Database: You can easily import your contacts’ companies, and organize them under their company name.
  4. Custom report building: Keep track of your expenses.
  5. Daily Planner: Maintain an up-to-date schedule in the same place as your contact information.
  6. Webinars and FAQ: Jibber Jobber has many resources in place to help new users get the hang of its interface.

Jibber Jobber was designed as a job-hunting tool, but it also has long-term value for professionals with established positions. As Jason Alba said, “[Jibber Jobber] is not a band-aid solution, or a throwaway job search tool.  It is a long-term career management solution to be used from now until you are done with relationships (or your career).”

There is both a free and a premium version of Jibber Jobber. The premium version is $ 9.95 a month and includes several special features, including the ability to import contacts from Outlook, receive reminders via text or email, and save an unlimited number of contacts.

So if you need help with your job hunt or networking, look into Jibber Jobber today.