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Upgrading to Microsoft® Dynamics™ GP 2015?

Upgrading your Microsoft® Dynamics™ GP ERP system to 2015 is a big decision, but also provides a great opportunity to re-evaluate and improve all of your key processes.

Is Time and Expense Tracking in Dynamics™ GP 2015 as Good as it Could Be?

If you’re thinking of upgrading to Microsoft® Dynamics™ GP 2015 and need to track time and expenses, you have these options:

  • Continue using Business Portal (with risk of performance degradation due to discontinued support from Microsoft)
  • Use the Employee Self-Service web portal (with limited options and switching costs)
  • Integrate a partner solution designed specifically to follow best practices for tracking time with GP

Journyx Can Help – Here’s How

An integrated time and expense solution will minimize migration issues and guarantee you full support going forward. Journyx provides you with the best choice for enterprise time and expense tracking for GP 2015.

  • Pull time and expense set-up data directly from the Project Accounting module in GP with the click of a button.
  • Track all types of time– including project time, payroll time, overtime and paid time off – on one screen.
  • No migration from Business Portal required.
  • Track time across devices with web-based and mobile entry.
  • Use credit card statements to create expense entries and attach receipts.
  • Create multi-layered approval workflows based on your business processes and drivers.
  • Create custom rules for accruing paid leave.
  • Cut down on time and expense entry corrections with a data validation rules engine.
  • Plan and allocate resources based on scheduled availability.
  • Keep track of your crews efficiently with crew-based time entry.
  • Track equipment usage and/or widget completion.
  • Process time for Canadian and 3rd party payroll systems.
  • Straightforward installation and licensing options to choose from to satisfy the needs of your organization – cloud or on-premise.