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The Journyx Support Team is second to none. In fact, we hear over and over from our customers that the quality of Journyx Support sets us apart from any other enterprise software vendor. All Journyx Support is conducted in-house in Austin, Texas.

Matt East leads our Support Team and has been with Journyx since 2002. “I find it rewarding to help a customer ‘come off the ledge.’ It’s hard work but gratifying to know that I’ve helped both the customer and Journyx.”

At Journyx, we truly care about our customers and their success. We strive to resolve all issues as quickly as possible to help you get back to work.

If you’re a Journyx customer, please head on over to the Journyx User Community. There you’ll find more information regarding Journyx Support, the KnowledgeBase, product documentation, discussion forums, product updates, training resources and much more.

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