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Journyx time clock systems include powerful features to ensure accurate data collection and smooth payroll processing. Simplify employee timekeeping, control labor costs, and ensure your people operate productively.

Journyx time clocks
Flexible Web-Based, Mobile, and Biometric Time Clocks

Our selection of time clock hardware and software guarantees a solution for your particular work environment. Let us help you find the best solution to meet your time collection needs.

Stop wrestling with inefficient systems

Does your business struggle with any of the following?

  • Wasted time with manual timesheet systems
  • Buddy punching and/or time theft
  • Lack of ability to automate all types of time tracking (e.g. regular work hours, weighted overtime, PTO, job-based project time tracking for shifts with variable rates)
  • Inefficient employee scheduling

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Available Hardware

  • GT450 Employee Time Clock
  • GT550 Biometric Fingerprint Time Clock
  • GT850 Biometric Facial Recognition Time Clock
GT450 Employee Time Clock

Offers many employee self-service functions that can’t be found elsewhere. Employees can request a day off, view time off approvals, view total hours worked for the pay period, view their last activity, and view their current department, job, task, and status – all directly from the terminals convenient touchscreen display.

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GT 450
GT550 Biometric Fingerprint Time Clock

Well-suited for time and attendance, facility access control, and miscellaneous data collection. Features true plug-and-play biometric fingerprint clocking that helps eliminate buddy punching and employee overpayment for late punches or extra breaks.

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GT 550 Time Clock
GT850 Biometric Facial Recognition Time Clock

Robust and secure, designed specifically for continuous use in demanding environments. With flexible configuration options available, employees can easily clock in and out without ever having to touch the clock, making the GT850 a simple contactless employee time data collection terminal.

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Integrate with your toolbox

Journyx integrates with top business systems and offers deeper and richer connections than other time tracking solutions. Not just a generic API – Journyx goes beyond industry standards.

Customized for Your Business Needs

We believe time tracking solutions should not be approached as one-size-fits-all. Let us show you how a tailored solution for your unique business requirements can help drive growth at every level.