Smart Timesheets

Automate timesheet population using custom rules, previous entries, and data pulled from your other existing business systems that auto-fill timesheets with smart suggestions.

Shaping the Future of Work

AI / Machine Learning

Journyx project time tracking software uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to make time tracking smarter, easier, and more efficient with features that take the guesswork out of timesheet data collection.

Smart timesheet suggestions

Making Timesheet Entry Easy

Journyx makes it quick and easy for your employees to fill out timesheets with information already at hand. “Smart” timesheets use artificial intelligence and/or machine learning to make suggestions based on what you do in other systems and learn to be more accurate over time.

Exceptional Business Data Quality

Implementing machine learning to create “smart” timesheets and time trackers helps businesses to not only simplify and automate for improved compliance, but also gain better business intelligence.

Journyx Suggestions for Microsoft Exchange

Now tracking time is even easier with Journyx Suggestions for Microsoft Exchange, which automatically loads suggestions into your timesheet based on calendar events and tasks.

Even More AI Innovation

Why should there only be AI love on the time entry side of things? Journyx continues to innovate, with AI features for managers and administrators to easily get the reports and analyses from the time tracking data stored in Journyx. Journyx Scout is your AI-enabled assistant.

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Integrate with your toolbox

Journyx integrates with top business systems and offers deeper and richer connections than other time tracking solutions. Not just a generic API – Journyx goes beyond industry standards.

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From white-glove onboarding to working with our award-winning customer support organization to products that are continually updated with customer-requested features, see why our customers love us so much.

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On average, Journyx customers see a 2-4x ROI by implementing Journyx time tracking solutions.

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