Time, Expense, and Equipment Tracking for Project Management Professionals

Run successful projects and operations with ease

As a project manager, you may feel like you’re juggling chainsaws. You need to keep track of every detail of your projects—time and task management, resources, and costs—while managing stakeholder expectations, reporting on status, and keeping everything on schedule.

With Journyx project management time tracking on your side, you’ll capture more accurate project time and cost data so you can deliver projects on time, on budget, and with less stress.

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  • Making Project Time Entry Easy
  • Keep Projects on Time and on Budget
  • Resource Capacity Planning & Scheduling
  • Automated Workflows
  • Track Time & Resources on Multiple Levels
Making Project Time Entry Easy

Simplify Project Time Entry

Employee time tracking compliance will only occur if it’s easy. Journyx project time tracking does just that, including the ability to integrate calendars to start filling out their timesheet for them!  

Smart Timesheets
Keep Projects on Time and on Budget

Keep Customers Happy and Projects on Time and on Budget

With Journyx, you no longer have to guess if your projects are staying on track. Now you have all the project time and expense data you need to compare estimated work and budgets to actual work and costs/profits, and make adjustments where you need them—so you can rest easy knowing your projects are under control.

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Resource Capacity Planning & Scheduling

Project Resource Capacity Planning and Scheduling

Making sure all your resources are properly allocated without being overloaded can sometimes feel like walking on a tightrope. Now you can spread work across your project team using resource management in Journyx. Project portfolio allocation data helps you plan future work and ensure sufficient resource capacity—giving you clear insights into resource availability. Learn more about Journyx resource management software. 

Resource Management
Automated Workflows

Automated Workflows to Ease Project Approvals

You already have enough on your plate with project planning and adjustments. Journyx gives you the ability to automate review and approval of time logged to specific projects—one less thing to think about during your busy day! 

Multi-Level Automated Workflows
Track Time & Resources on Multiple Levels

Better Insights for Better Results

Journyx gives you the power to track project time and resources using a detailed work breakdown structure, so you can pinpoint potential issues before they become major problems. Journyx’s robust reporting then allows you to summarize your project data to give high-level status to stakeholders and management.

Integration with Your Business Tools

And, as an added bonus, Journyx time data can be synced with other familiar business tools, such as Microsoft Project, Excel, Power BI, or any other tool with a web-based connection 

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