Employee Time and Attendance for Payroll Made Easy

Capture time for payroll the easy way—with flexible time collection methods including web-based, mobile, swipe, and biometric time clock systems. Journyx offers a complete time and attendance solution with tons of standard features that are customizable to fit your specific business needs.

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Flexible Time Entry Methods

Journyx’s time and attendance systems include state-of-the-art physical time clocks paired with sophisticated time tracking and scheduling software. You choose the time entry methods and devices that work best for your business.

Time & Attendance Software

Our software provides powerful, easy-to-use payroll and exceptions time management with unmatched versatility. You won’t find a timekeeping system this adaptable anywhere else.

Time Clock Hardware

Our advanced time clock hardware supports the use of ID badges, biometric fingerprint scanning, and facial recognition to enable the most accurate and secure employee data collection possible. Clocks also include configurable prompts for all your time tracking needs.

Mobile Time Clock App

Easily manage time for your mobile workforce. Our powerful employee timekeeping and scheduling mobile app system helps ensure your employees are punching in from the right place at the right time.

Time & Attendance Solution Features

Journyx time and attendance software and hardware make clocking in and out easy for your employees while giving you the real-time data, approval workflows, and reporting information you need to make payroll and scheduling a breeze.

Easy Time Entry

Whether you want to deploy our state-of-the-art biometric time clocks or have employees clock in and out via a web interface, mobile app, badge swipe, or IVR, Journyx has solutions that can meet your needs.

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Employee Scheduling

Automate shift scheduling, account for employee availability and skillsets, and improve efficiency. Empower managers to respond quickly to agile workforce dynamics.

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Time Off Management

Set up an unlimited number of rules to manage employee vacation and benefit accruals. Our automated system eliminates the need for manual review of individual employee time off accruals and re-validation of requests.

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Real-Time Data & Reporting

Our time and attendance tracking software has some of the best reporting functions in the industry. With over 75 standard reports built-in and the ability to create almost any sort of custom report, the possibilities are endless.

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Weighted Overtime

Reduce potential errors and have the Journyx time and attendance solution calculate weighted overtime for you, so you can get payroll right the first time.

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Labor Compliance

Labor management tools take employee time and attendance tracking to a new level, making job costing, billing, and labor law compliance a snap.

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Job Tracking

Collect shop floor data, raw materials inventory, and employee labor insights. Manage real-time data, job flow, and production—all from a single user interface.

Field Services

Assign jobs with a few clicks. Send assignments to your team in the field. Automatically update agendas—with smartphone alerts, contacts, and even driving directions on Google Maps.

Customers love Journyx

From white-glove onboarding to working with our award-winning customer support organization to products that are continually updated with customer-requested features, see why our customers love us so much.

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4.3 rating from 171 reviews

Integrate with Your Toolbox

Journyx integrates with top business systems and offers deeper and richer connections than other time tracking solutions. Not just a generic API—Journyx goes beyond industry standards.

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Calculate Your ROI

On average, Journyx customers see a 2-4x ROI by implementing Journyx time tracking solutions.

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