Implementation and Ongoing Professional Services for Your Business

Journyx offers uniquely flexible, enterprise-level software that helps organizations across the globe—in all types of industries—to collect more accurate and detailed time tracking data so you can make better, more informed business decisions and improve your bottom line.

Enterprise Software with a Personal Touch

While Journyx may offer enterprise-level software, we won’t treat you like other enterprise software vendors. Journyx’s stellar Professional Services team works directly with Journyx clients for white-glove onboarding, along with those who want more flexibility than is available “out of the box” with our standard time tracking applications. And, with our flexible implementation and billing offerings, you can choose the right options for your needs.

RapidStart ProStart
Type of implementation Guided implementation for quicker go-live Guided custom implementation with more detail prior to go-live
Professional Services support included Project management, guided implementation, and training Project management, guided implementation, training, and software engineering
Go-live timeframe 1 week 8-12 weeks
Applicable products Project Time Tracking Project Time Tracking, Time and Attendance
Integrations with ERP/payroll systems No, reporting only Yes
Best suited for
  • Low-medium complexity for initial launch
  • Med-large user base
  • Integrations not required for initial go-live
  • Medium-highly complex environments
  • Large user base
  • Integrations that need to be implemented for initial go-live
Depth of scope
  • Limited initial roll-out
  • Optimization phases can be used for integrations and additional modules
Fully adaptable to business needs
Advantages Quickest time to value (8x faster) Limited scope allows for quick roll-out and user acceptance Heavily guided & structured approach by Journyx to allow your team to stay focused on deliverables Allows for phased roll-out
  • Ability to build a complex solution for go-live
  • Integrations to ERP/payroll/other systems possible
  • Flexible timing for user acceptance testing and training
  • Ability to add scope during project via change requests
  • Requires a week of dedicated focus by your team plus quick response times
  • No initial integrations
  • Limited time for user acceptance testing
  • Inlexible for scope changes during initial phase
  • Longer go-live timeframe
  • Accumulated cost prior to go-live if not accepted by users
  • Resources are less focused on project and training which can lead to re-training and re-visiting topics
Trusted by 6,000+ business worldwide for over 25 years
Free Implementation Traditional Billing Service as a Service
Billing type Rolled into yearly fee  Billing as used N/A Retainer-based model
Minimum contract term 3 years N/A 1 year
Applies to Project Time Tracking All products All products
Best suited for
  • Mid-large sized businesses
  • Initial roll-out
  • Small-mid sized businesses
  • Mid-large sized businesses
  • Existing implementations
  • Complex integrations
Flexibility of usage/services
  • Limited flexibility
  • Additional time & material services possible
  • Ultimate flexibility
  • Very flexible
  • Base services included
  • No upfront investment in services
  • Transparent, consistent monthly bill
  • Pay as you go/need
  • Discounted service rate
  • Built-in hours
  • Faster response times
  • Flexibility to add hours
  • Consistent monthly bill
  • Higher monthly per-user fee
  • Finite number of hours included; additional hours at additional cost
  • Upfront implementation costs
  • Monthly usage = variable monthly charges
    Limited carry-over of unused hours Monthly recurring service charge

Customers love Journyx

From white-glove onboarding to working with our award-winning customer support organization to products that are continually updated with customer-requested features, see why our customers love us so much.

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4.3 rating from 171 reviews

Integrate with your toolbox

Journyx integrates with top business systems and offers deeper and richer connections than other time tracking solutions. Not just a generic API – Journyx goes beyond industry standards.

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