Journyx Puts the Service in Software as a Service

At Journyx, our customers are at the heart of what we do. And, while many of the “big-box” software providers in this space will tout that they have Customer Support at the core of their business, do they have a customer satisfaction rating of over 97% consistently?
Journyx does!

Product Upgrades

Journyx products get new releases twice a year, to provide you with the capabilities you need to better do your job. Have an idea for a new or updated feature? Let us know!


Average time from support ticket submission to actual human response in 2023


cSAT "Awesome" ratings in 2023


Average downtime for a scheduled software upgrade to new version


Unscheduled downtime in all of 2022 (over 99.99% uptime)


Number of exceptions in our annual SOC audits

White-glove Onboarding and Fanatical Support

From the moment you become a Journyx customer, you’ll get the royal treatment. The Journyx professional services team will work closely with you to set up a tailored system configuration and ensure smooth implementation and training.

From there, our support team provides ongoing customer support to ensure your success. And, with an average of 8 minutes from support ticket submission to actual human response, we do our best to ensure that your questions are answered fully and expeditiously.

Prefer to self-serve? Our User Community provides a wealth of information available for your use, anytime, anywhere!

Uptime and Security

Your employee data should be accessible and secure, which is why we take great pride in our compliance with SOC standards, along with our uptime statistics (over 99.99%). We have a long record of SOC assessments with no exceptions found.

Our data center infrastructure leverages the capabilities of Amazon Web Services, which audits the relevant standards for data security and reliability (including SOC, ISO, and more). In addition, our average downtime for a scheduled upgrade to a new version is only 10 minutes. 

Customers love Journyx

From white-glove onboarding to working with our award-winning customer support organization to products that are continually updated with customer-requested features, see why our customers love us so much.

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4.1 rating from 35 reviews

4.3 rating from 123 reviews

9/10 rating from 13 reviews

4.3 rating from 171 reviews

4.3 rating from 171 reviews

Trusted by 6,000+ business worldwide for over 25 years

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On average, Journyx customers see a 2-4x ROI by implementing Journyx time tracking solutions.

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