Meet Our Leadership Team

Curt Finch


Curt founded Journyx in 1996. He helps Journyx employees achieve fulfillment by helping our clients understand their costs. Curt’s mission is to help everyone understand that Journyx makes a real difference in the world. Curt’s favorite thing about Journyx is “seeing the company bring technology forward to solve hard problems for real people who need our help.”

Lance Ellisor

Chief Operating/Growth Officer

Lance joined the Journyx team in 2017 with the core mission of helping Journyx grow into its next chapter. His passion is helping people reach their fullest potential, serving the needs of the market – current and future clients – in a way that’s also personally rewarding. His favorite thing about Journyx is “the true transparency, both within the company and with our clients and prospects; we are absolutely true to who we are.”

Amanda Finch

Director, Risk and Compliance

Amanda joined Journyx in 2002. She is responsible for ensuring that Journyx manages strategic and operational risk, in order to honor the trust of our customers, employees, and stakeholders. Amanda’s favorite thing about Journyx is “our integrity. No one at Journyx ever wonders whether to put the customer’s needs first — we always know that’s the final answer to any question.”

Jeremy Gunn

Director of Professional Services

Jeremy joined Journyx in 2013. He works directly with Journyx clients who want more features than are available “out of the box” with the standard Journyx or Journyx PX application. Jeremy determines the detailed technical requirements and develops, tests and delivers custom software to fulfill those requirements. His favorite thing about Journyx is that “it is such an honest and easy-to-understand environment. What you see is what you get at Journyx, and I really like that. Everyone I work with is eminently competent and always eager to assist in any way they can, from the tech support team to the CEO.”

Brian Maxin

Director of Sales

Brian joined Journyx in 2001. He is responsible for leading the Sales efforts both from the new sales side and within existing Journyx customers. Brian’s favorite thing about Journyx is “the work environment and the people that I work with.”

Meredith Zachritz

Director of Product Management

Meredith joined Journyx in 1999. She is responsible for taking customer requirements and market trends and turning them into products that add significant, tangible value to the organizations that purchase them. Her work involves “all things product” from research, development and QA, to product promotion and follow-up support. Meredith’s favorite thing about Journyx is “that all employees have the power and freedom to give our customers what they really need.”

Kari Foster

Director of Marketing

Kari joined Journyx in 2015 and oversees all marketing and communications activities pertaining to both new customer acquisition and existing customers. Kari has extensive experience in B2B marketing, and previously worked for companies within the technology/software industries. Kari’s favorite thing about working for Journyx is “the commitment to our customers and the comradery Journyx employees have that creates a fun, team-oriented atmosphere.”

Matt East

Level Two Support/Support Lead

Matt joined Journyx in 2002. He is responsible for helping customers with issues and errors within the software. He works directly with the Journyx Development team to correct any issues. Matt’s favorite thing about Journyx is “helping customers be successful.”