Strategic Maintenance Solutions (SMS)

Using Journyx Project Management Tool to Achieve 30% More Revenue by Optimizing Staff Utilization

About Strategic Maintenance Solutions (SMS)

Industry: Professional Services

Product: Journyx project time tracking and resource management

Strategic Maintenance Solutions (SMS) are leaders in enterprise asset management and industrial transformation services, primarily serving the oil & gas, life sciences, healthcare, aerospace, and facilities management industries.


Strategic Maintenance Solutions (SMS) is a project-oriented business yet were using Excel spreadsheets to track projects. Since they typically run 50-75 projects at a time, with 5-10 processes/steps per project, keeping up with this was a lot of work and was fraught with issues. As you can well imagine, trying to ensure that SMS resources were being fully utilized for billable work wasn’t easy and it was hard to see utilization in real-time, much less schedule work in advance.


While SMS had been a Journyx customer for a while, Troy Goss, Project Management Office Manager stated, “we hadn’t really been using Journyx to its full potential. SMS doubled down on the use of Journyx project resource management (Journyx PX), wrapping its entire operation around the use of the solution.”


Almost all of SMS’ projects are billed on a time and materials basis. “Before implementing Journyx, we used to leave a lot of money on the table,” stated Goss.

“After fully embracing the Journyx project management solution and using it to run our business, we bill 30% more revenue.”

SMS measures resource utilization and can even see who might be finishing up a project, so they know who’s available to work on another project in the queue; this means there are rarely any billable resources sitting on the bench. They rely on weekly reporting to evaluate project status, staff utilization, and time against sold hours.

In the services industry, recognized revenue is a primary metric to determine the health of the organization. While the standard for the industry is 70%, due in large part to the use of Journyx Project Resource Management, SMS has recognized revenue in the high to upper 90s.

“This is astronomical,” states Goss. “Journyx resource management is a very powerful tool that’s helped us get—and stay—at the top of our game.”

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