Time & Expense Tracking Buyer’s Kit

Choosing employee time and expense tracking software isn’t easy.

When it comes to any business software purchase, the process for researching, evaluating, and ultimately deciding on a solution is a long, complicated process. The average time spent researching is about 20 hours and the average number of people involved in making the decision is between 5 and 7 – which makes the time it takes to choose a solution longer than ever.

Whether you don’t currently have a time and expense solution in place, or you need to replace an existing time and expense tracking solution, this Buyer’s Kit will make the buying process easier for you and your team by giving you the information you need to make the right decision for your company.

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This kit includes...

What to Look for in a Time and Expense Tracking Solution

This checklist will help you determine what characteristics of the software are most important for your organization, so you can narrow down the solutions to best one.

Six Important Questions to Ask When Evaluating Timesheet Solutions

You need to know what questions to ask and what to look for to make sure you get what you need from a time and expense tracking solution. This white paper can help make sure you ask the right questions to prospective vendors.

Project ROI Calculator

Project time and expense tracking software can help your organization save time and money in several different areas – including project estimation, resource capacity planning, and process automation. Use this calculator to estimate your ROI from using time and expense tracking software to track time on projects.

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