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Why Journyx?

At Journyx, our goal is to put time and expense tracking tools in your hands that make your job easier, make you more efficient and help you make smarter decisions. Thousands of companies worldwide employ solutions from Journyx to track and manage their time, expenses and resources. Employees at some of the world’s largest companies use Journyx solutions to increase productivity and save money.

Why should your company partner with Journyx?

  • Time and expense tracking since 1996: Journyx was the first 100% web-based time and expense tracking application and we continue to be one of the top solutions available.
  • Industry-proven success: Our customers span across industries, from healthcare to staffing, business services to technology, oil and gas to retail.
  • Award-winning customer support: Our Austin-based support team delivers a top-notch support experience and is one of the highest rated in customer satisfaction.
  • Enterprise-level integration: We provide a robust solution that integrates with your existing business systems – making your job easier and more efficient.
  • Business intelligence for smarter decisions: Insight gained from Journyx helps you run your company more profitably.

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Highest Rated in Satisfaction - Time Tracking
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Journyx CEO and Founder Curt Finch builds the world’s first web-based timesheet application and the foundation for the current Journyx product offerings.


Journyx introduces Journyx Timesheet, the first fully web-based time tracking product, to the market.


Journyx launches its ASP (cloud) solution.


Journyx launches v4.0.


Journyx launches v5.0.


Journyx launches v5.5.


Journyx launches v7.0.


Journyx celebrates its 10 year anniversary and signs its 1,500th paying customer. Journyx launches v7.5.


Curt Finch publishes his book, All Your Money Won’t Another Minute Buy: Valuing Time as a Business Resource.


Journyx passes the AICPA SAS 70 audit.


Journyx launches v8.0.


Journyx passes audit to comply with AICPA SSAE 16 standards. Journyx launches its mobile time tracking app for iPhone. Journyx celebrates its Sweet 16th anniversary.


Journyx launches v9.0. Journyx launches its customized time entry integration for Microsoft Dynamics GP.


Journyx launches v9.5. Journyx introduces the Time Tracking Tuesday vlog with Curt Finch.


Journyx launches v10.0. Journyx launches v4.0 of its mobile app. Journyx celebrates its 20th anniversary.


Journyx launches v11, which introduces machine learning and AI capabilities to time tracking.


Journyx launches Journyx 12, introducing a completely new user interface and experience.