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Mainstreet Technologies Trades Spreadsheets for Journyx to Track Contractor Time

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What Journyx did for us:

Cutting out the step where someone had to translate each employee’s hard copy timesheet and manually put that information into QuickBooks has definitely reduced errors and assured us that our information is completely accurate.

Diane Davis, Mainstreet Technologies

Their Story

Mainstreet Technologies specializes in IT engineering services, application development, web development, and professional services. They have a strong track record of providing outstanding service to the U.S. government and private sector. They used an Excel spreadsheet for employee time tracking which was inefficient and prone to errors.

“Compatibility with Quickbooks is critical for us,” said Diane Davis of Mainstreet Technologies. “We needed a web-based time tracking system that integrates seamlessly with Quickbooks and also provides full DCAA (Defense Contract Audit Agency) compliance. Journyx Timesheet met all of these criteria and more.”


Davis says that Journyx Timesheet is used by all employees for time tracking. The fact that Timesheet is completely web-based and can be accessed from any computer with an Internet connection makes it simple for their many field-based employees to accurately and easily enter their time. Mainstreet uses the Journyx Accountlink module for QuickBooks integration. Accountlink provides bi-directional integration that automates the process by transferring project/job status, employee/contractor time and reimbursable/billable expenses directly from Journyx Timesheet to QuickBooks.


Davis says that since implementing Journyx Timesheet, Mainstreet Technologies’ time tracking is more efficient and more accurate. “Cutting out the step where someone had to translate each employee’s hard copy timesheet and manually put that information into QuickBooks has definitely reduced errors and assured us that our information is completely accurate,” said Davis. “Timesheet also provides a cost savings since the person who was manually doing this task before is now freed up to do other work.”

DCAA Compliance

The Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) performs all contract audits for the United States government. Business services companies that sell services to government agencies must comply with a number of DCAA requirements if they want to avoid failing an audit.

In order to be compliant with DCAA and be able to pass a potential audit, a company must have documented policies and procedures which are followed to the letter, as well as a system that charges labor for hourly time, certain accounting and billing system properties, and employees that are trained in certain aspects of compliance (such as tracking their time on a daily basis).

Labor is often the highest expense in defense contracts; therefore a robust labor management system is a requirement for any contractor that serves the government. Journyx solutions automate the costly process of capturing and reporting contract-specific data and provide critical supporting documentation for DCAA audits.

Davis says because DCAA requires timesheets entered daily with signatures, it is extremely useful that Journyx Timesheet is accepted as an electronic signature. Davis indicates that being able to tell customers that they use a time tracking system that is DCAA compliant and will provide all needed information in the event of an audit is a major selling point in winning new business.

Learn More

Building on more than 10 years of award-winning service, Mainstreet Technologies specializes in IT Engineering Services, Application Development, Web Development, and Professional Services to the U.S. Government and private sector. Businesses use Mainstreet Technologies’s services to effectively cut costs, increase flexibility and significantly improve performance. Find out more at http://mainstreet2.com/