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Potomac Fusion Reduces Timesheet Error for DCAA Compliance Using Journyx

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What Journyx did for us:

Our data is less prone to errors because it’s an automated system rather than someone inputting the data manually.

Kurt Somerholter, Chief Financial Officer

Their Story

Potomac Fusion, Inc. (PFI) is a small business that leverages rapid-paced advances in information technology to help satisfy the critical needs of its customers. PFI has developed a variety of data fusion services that combine data from multiple intelligence sources and provide the intelligence analyst the ability to analyze, filter and visualize that data.

PFI has offices all around the world and is well-known for developing software for intelligence agencies and the military. The US Government is looking for ways to do “more with less” and is looking to technology as a possible lever that will allow this to happen.  At the same time, the technological pace of change is quickening. At a time when the US Government needs heightened innovation, greater multi-mission awareness, and the utmost dedication to its purpose, PFI fits perfectly with that customer need.

PFI’s 170 employees were using Excel spreadsheets to track their time, which was a cumbersome and error-prone process. PFI uses QuickBooks and the manual input of data into this system was wasting valuable time. Obviously, DCAA (Defense Contract Auditing Agency) compliance is of huge importance to PFI. Ultimately, Journyx’s proven track record in DCAA compliance, as well as it being a superior automated system that integrates with QuickBooks and a local company in Austin, led PFI to choose Journyx Timesheet.


All PFI employees around the globe now record their time in Journyx. It’s very important for this information to be accurate as employee time is charged back to the customer on each project. PFI Chief Financial Officer Kurt Somerholter states that the Journyx support team is very responsive and helpful, and PFI’s time tracking data is much more accurate than before.

“Our data is less prone to errors because it’s an automated system rather than someone inputting the data manually,” said Somerholter. “Before, it would take two to three days just to get everyone’s time keyed in, and this is when our staff was much smaller than it is now. Now, it just wouldn’t be possible. Journyx has definitely cut down the amount of time previously spent on employee time tracking for billing and payroll purposes.”  


Journyx has been providing time management solutions to government contractors for nearly 15 years. Journyx Timesheet is fully auditable and includes QuickBooks synchronization. In addition to capturing full audit history of any changes made, Journyx can exchange data with QuickBooks to ensure a smooth path to passing future audits.

“Labor can often be the highest expense in defense contracts,” said Curt Finch, CEO of Journyx.“ Journyx automates many labor-intensive processes, such as capturing and reporting contract-specific data and providing critical support documentation for audits, which helps our customers be successful with a government contract. Our customers typically see significant reductions in labor cost with Timesheet.”