Biometric Time Clocks

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Enable your employees to clock in and out easily and securely. Best for businesses with 75–1000+ employees.

Time Entry Has Never Been Easier

Biometric time clocks are far faster and easier to use than traditional time clock systems. Long gone are the days when employees had to waste time remembering and manually punching in their credentials or trying to account for and validate a backlog of hours worked. Biometric time clocks expedite employee time tracking and payroll processes and enable increased productivity, while preventing common manual errors that occur with traditional time clock systems.

Efficient. Secure. Customizable.

Today, biometric time clock systems are seen as the premium industry standard because of their reliability, efficiency, and clear advantages over traditional employee time clocks or manual systems. These specialized timekeeping devices more accurately manage/control employee access, eliminate time theft, improve business security, and make clocking in and out faster and easier than any other time and attendance system.

Journyx GT550
Biometric Fingerprint Time Clock

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The Journyx GT550 employee fingerprint time clock is ideal for time and attendance data collection. With its 10” touchscreen color display, the GT550 is one of the most impressive employee time clocks available today – both in terms of appearance and functionality. It offers quick and easy customization to provide any unique functionality you require and provides expandability with its six USB2 ports.

The Best Employee Time Clock

The GT550 offers many employee self-service functions that can’t be found elsewhere. Employees can request a day off, view time off approvals, view total hours worked for the pay period, view their last activity, and view their current department, job, task, and status – all directly from the terminal’s convenient touchscreen display. The plug-and-play capability of the GT550 is truly amazing. Bar code or proximity badge readers are also available – and quickly integrated – along with the biometric scanning capabilities.

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GT550 Functionality
  • Punch in/out for day, break, job, or task
  • Fast clocking – stays in in/out mode
  • Enroll employees from the terminal
  • Transfer employees from the terminal
  • Employees time off requests
  • Employees time off approvals review
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Journyx GT850
Facial Recognition Biometric Time Clock

The GT850 offers a stunning 8-inch high-resolution, full-color touchscreen display and an integrated color camera optimized for a variety of lighting, office, and environmental conditions, ready to enable facial recognition for the latest technology in time and attendance data collection. With its range of integrated identification and verification methods, the GT850 can be tailored to meet a variety of time data collection requirements.

Flexible Android Operating System

Unlike other time clocks, the GT850 runs on the Android operating system. Using the multitude of business applications available on the Android platform, along with highly customizable time and attendance features, the GT850 easily outperforms other time clocks in terms of functionality and ease of use. Employees can request a day off, view time off approvals, view total hours worked for the pay period, view their last activity, and view their current department, job, task, and status – all directly from the terminal.

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GT850 Functionality
  • 18-inch color display
  • 5-megapixel camera
  • Android operating system
  • Integrated facial detection/recognition
  • Finger scan and badge compatibility
  • High level of data and biometrics security
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