Journyx CX Time & Attendance Software and Time Clocks

System Implementation Services

Easy set-up and configuration

Extensive training services

Committed, lasting support

Save time with our streamlined implementation process

Tailored Configuration to Meet Your Business Needs

System implementation services ensure the software and time clocks fit your specific business hierarchy and process needs.

Comprehensive Training for Supervisors & Employees

We offer training for your staff to ensure mastery of use and operation of our time and attendance systems.

Ongoing Support & Maintenance

We go to great lengths to provide clients with the highest level of technical support services in the industry.

Extensive Training Services Put Us Above Competitors

Receive live training in the use and operation of our employee time clocks and software functionality.

cx time clock login screen mobile
  • How to Log In
  • How to Log In with Time Clocks / Biometrics
  • How to Change Password
  • How to Access Help
  • How to Log Out
  • Manage Homepage Setup
  • Punch In / Out
  • Review Punches
  • Add Project Time
System Configuration
  • Setup Benefit Rules
  • Define Holidays
  • Configure User Fields
  • Configure Web Clock
  • Define Default Employee Schedule
  • Configure Active Directory Synchronization
  • Define Minor Rules & School Days
  • Configure Security Policies
  • Configure Localization
  • Configure Event Manager
System Management
  • View Employees Clocked In
  • Post & Manage Messages
  • Manage Invalid Punches
  • Manage Timecard Data
  • Manage Project Time Data
  • Manage Time Off Requests
  • Create Reports
  • Approve Pay Period End
  • Create Employee Schedules (by Week / Pay Period)
  • Manage Email Templates
  • Manage Department Transfers
  • View Employees Clocked In
  • Review & Approve Employee Punches
  • Review & Approve Employee Breaks
  • Review & Approve Employee Excused Pay
  • Review & Approve Employee Time Off Requests
  • Manage Employee Schedules
  • Review Employee Benefit Time Accrual
  • Create Reports

In-person and remote training options. Plus, our software comes pre-loaded with an expansive help section and online tutorials available.

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Premier System Support & Maintenance

Journyx offers several levels of maintenance and support services to our valued customers’ varied needs. From basic to complete packages with unlimited 24/7/365 support, we ensure complete satisfaction for all maintenance and support calls.

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Explore Configuration Options

  • Company Hierarchy
  • Departments, Groups, Positions, etc.
  • Employee & Supervisor Security Profiles
  • Assign Employees to Supervisor(s)
  • Types of Employees
  • Types of Time (Exempt, Non-Exempt, Overtime)
  • Pay Classes, Rates, & Calculation Rules
  • Shift Differentials
  • Define Pay Periods
  • Define Holidays
  • Vacation Rules
  • Sick Time Rules
  • Other PTO (Bereavement, Jury Duty)
  • Benefit Accrual Rules
  • Custom Rules or Labels
  • Lunch & Break Rules
  • Grace Periods
  • Define Clocking Rules
  • Define Default Schedules
  • Schedule Configuration
  • Define System Exceptions (Types & Rules)
  • Configure SMS or Email Alerts for Exceptions
  • Define Preferences for Alerts
  • Microsoft Outlook Calendar Sync
  • Payroll Integration
  • ERP Integration
  • Database Integration
  • Other System Integration
  • Time Clock Hardware Requirements
  • Clocking Types (Proximity, Biometric, etc.)
  • Terminal Locations
  • Initial Employee Database Import
  • Employee Number
  • Payroll ID
  • Department Number
  • Assign Rules to Individual Employees, Supervisors, or Administrators
  • Web-Based Clocking Setup
  • Hardware Integration
  • System Testing
  • Hardware Testing (Network & Firewall)
  • Punch Testing (via Hardware and/or Web)
  • Benefit Balance Import
  • Training for Employees, Administrators, Supervisors
  • Help Videos & Tutorial Documentation

Uncover the full potential of our time & attendance solutions