NetSuite and Journyx

NetSuite Time Tracking Solution for Better Business

Powerful for complex accounting needs. Easy to use for employees. Discover how your company will benefit from Journyx, the best time tracking solution for Oracle NetSuite.

Easy time entry and approval from any device

Whether your employees use mobile or desktop devices, time entry and approvals are painless with our mobile app for iOS and Android.

Real-time data and reports at your fingertips

Access to real-time dashboards and flexible, customized reporting help you make “on the spot” decisions for your business.

Auto-fill suggestions from calendar and email

AI-based features create suggested entries from other connected business systems to increase accuracy and reduce time spent on timesheets.

Easy tracking of all time in one place

Your team can track project time, overhead, paid time off, and reimbursable expenses quickly and easily in a single, easy-to-use interface. Plus, our AI-based features suggest entries and learn over time to increase accuracy and reduce time spent filling out timesheets from activity in other connected business systems like calendars and email.

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Powerful and customizable for the way you do business

Journyx has the versatility to track and report on employee time for any business situation, from the simple to the complex. Track employee time and expenses with as many levels of project work breakdown structure and different activity types, accounts, contracts, or other categories as needed. Plus,  customize timesheet tracking and workflow for each type of employee in your organization.

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Organizational-level roles, permissions, and workflows for rapid rollout

Journyx allows for automatic creation of time and expense approval plans or workflows based on existing department and function information that is available in your ERP system. Our time tracking integration for NetSuite provides crucial access and visibility to time accounting data—with the option to enforce custom data validation rules where appropriate—based on role, department, employee type, etc.

Data Validation

Project-based tracking and accounting for budget/resource management

Our NetSuite time tracking solution ensures automatic top-level project creation and task and resource assignment set up. We also provide options to build more detailed work breakdown structure (WBS) for work management and exercise granular control over resource access to specific tasks, so employees only see what they need to work on in their timesheets.

Resource Management

Automatically sync data and streamline analytics with integrated workflows

Automate your timesheet set-up, maintenance, and data integrity with Journyx using data you already have in your ERP system. Nothing will get you on the road to quality time tracking faster or easier than using your existing employee and project data in your ERP system. You’ve already done the work once. Don’t do it again. Integrate Journyx with NetSuite for bi-directional sharing of data.

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Better time tracking solution for NetSuite—one time, in one place.

Journyx time tracking solution for Oracle NetSuite provides a powerful, customizable, and easy-to-use time tracking system, making all your crucial data accessible in one place.