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Labor Management & Compliance

Simple solution for your employee time management and labor law compliance needs.

Complex Rules Management

The true test of whether or not a time and attendance software is going to work for your business is its ability to manage complex rules for hours, overtime, variable job rates, and other pay rules. That is what sets our time clock software apart from all other systems.

Simple Labor Timekeeping

Implement simple employee timesheets or multi-step, hierarchical labor and job tracking methods that go beyond traditional, department-only labor time tracking. Our tools take time and attendance to a whole new level, making job costing, billing, and compliance with labor laws a snap.

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Labor Management & Compliance Tools

Easy Manager Approvals

Managers need easy access to view and approve employee timesheets. Our software offers simple and customizable time card management options.

Robust Reporting

A powerful and efficient timekeeping system provides valuable insights into your workforce. With over 75 standard reports and the ability to create custom reports, the possibilities are endless.

Availability At-A-Glance

Let your staff tell you when they can work and request time off. Reduce last-minute call-outs and absenteeism, as well as administrative costs and headaches.

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Journyx time clock software simplifies labor management and ensure compliance with labor laws.

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DCAA & FLSA Overtime Rules

Manual overtime calculations are prone to error. For the best assurance that you are in full compliance with DCAA and FLSA requirements while managing employee wages for weighted overtime, we recommend using an automated time and attendance system, especially one with a flexible and configurable payroll rules engine, to simplify accounting and compliance reporting.

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