Journyx CX – Best Remote Employee Timekeeping App plus Geofencing Capabilities

Mobile Time Clock App

Perfect for employees on the go, our timekeeping and scheduling solutions are ideal for your mobile workforce and ever-changing labor requirements. Locate where employees clock in and out, simplify requests for time off, and empower supervisors to edit and approve time cards from anywhere, at any time.

Simplify how you manage your mobile workforce time & attendance

Easily manage time for all employees in your mobile workforce. Our powerful employee timekeeping and scheduling mobile app system helps ensure your employees are punching in from the right place at the right time.

Simplify time clock entry & approval processes

Keep up with modern needs for remote employee timekeeping

Enable geofencing for GPS-based validation

Flexible, Mobile Timekeeping

Journyx offers an ideal timekeeping and scheduling solution for your mobile workforce and ever-changing labor requirements. Automate time tracking and approval processes, reduce manual data entry and redundancy, avoid employee overpayment, and save money with our mobile time clock app.

Manage Employee Time & Attendance with Geofencing

With Journyx’s mobile time clock app and geofencing technology, you can use GPS-based validation to build a virtual fence around a real space. That virtual barrier can be anywhere in the world. And you can outline multiple spaces at the same time. That means you can establish any number of places as validated locations for your company, and make sure employees are clocking in from the right place.

Easy to use. Easy to manage.

Geofencing GPS-validation ensures that employees clock in from the right place

Journyx CX time & attendance tracking solution uses geofencing technology to ensure your employees can only punch in where you want them to. Once you configure your approved company locations, the app will handle validating employee clock in locations automatically.

Track employee location

Geofencing uses GPS technology to build a virtual fence around real space. Select pre-approved locations and avoid employee overpayment.

Approve multiple areas

Simply use Google Maps to mark locations. The app will accept any employee clock punches coming from the locations you set.

Set soft limits

Soft limits allow punches outside of an approved area. The app records when and where so you can follow up later to ensure compliance.

Upgrade Your Mobile Employee Time Management Software

Journyx makes it easy.