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Empower your remote workforce with Journyx Mobile.

Supervising a remote or field-based workforce can be frustrating without the proper cloud-based, mobile-friendly enterprise tools.

Your team should be able to track their time from anywhere—whether they’re working out in the field, meeting on-site with a client, or simply working remotely.

That’s why we developed the Journyx mobile app—to give you and your employees the ability to track time spent on projects, quickly and easily, with an intuitive interface for any iOS and Android device.

Available for all licensed users of our software, the Journyx mobile app allows users to record their billable and non-billable hours while on-the-go, making it much easier to account for labor time and expenses when it matters.

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Easy Time and Expense Entry

The Journyx mobile timesheet app is easy for all employees to use.

Select a day, select a project, and enter time worked. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

Plus, employees can create expense entries for their projects and include images of their receipts for even more detailed and accurate project cost accounting.

Simplified Approval Processes

Managers can review and approve time and expense submissions from anywhere.

Approving your team’s timesheet submissions shouldn’t always have to be done from your desk. The Journyx mobile app allows you to quickly and easily view all your employees’ submitted timesheets and approve them, no matter where you are.

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Secure Data Synchronization

Always have access to your data, no matter where you’re working.

Our mobile app works in sync with the Journyx cloud-based system so all employee time and expense data is instantly visible to managers for approval and further processing. Timesheet entries, approvals, and expenses in the mobile app connect with Journyx directly, so you can access your data on both platforms in real-time.

Any Device, Any Time

See a real-time list of time and expense submissions waiting for approval

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On-the-Go Approvals

Approve employee timesheets and leave requests directly from your mobile device

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The Journyx mobile timesheet app will make it a breeze for employees to track their time and expenses from anywhere, on any device!
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Manage Employees from Anywhere

Easier remote time and expense tracking isn’t the only benefit of using the Journyx mobile app. Our mobile time tracking tool gives managers the power to review and analyze data on the go.
More Accurate Expense Tracking and Reporting

Use our tool to track expenses and budgets by task type, employee, or project—regardless of where your team is working for the day.

Precise Project Management

Always know the status of your projects. Our time tracking tools allow you to evaluate time spent on projects to make more accurate decisions about future project and task timelines.

Insight into Productivity and Efficiency

Track team performance and proficiency using our robust reporting tools. See who’s performing well and where labor hours are being spent to help you build better workflows and processes.

Better Budgeting

Build data-backed budgets using Journyx’s expense and time reporting features. Our tools allow you to more accurately calculate labor hours, expenses, and other costs associated with various projects, clients, and tasks to help you see where you’re spending money and make better budget predictions.

Employee Empowerment

Give employees a simple and accurate way to log time, see when hours and expenses are approved, and communicate when there are discrepancies or issues with timesheets. Journyx makes it easy for employees to submit timesheets and even upload expense receipts from anywhere.