Payroll Rules Engine

Journyx helps you automate your company’s payroll processes with an easy way to pass time and expense data from Journyx to your payroll solution—making your payroll reports easier to complete and more accurate.

Easier Payroll Processing and Reporting

Journyx Time Tracking Software helps you automate your company’s payroll processes and integrate them with its other critical business functions by allowing you to use a single, highly-accessible application for collecting time and expense data and making that data available to all of your applications and functions that depend on it.

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To learn more about the Journyx Payroll Rules Engine, download the infosheet below.

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Easily Sync Data with Journyx’s Timesheet Solution for Payroll

Automated Processes

The Journyx Payroll Rules Engine exports payroll provider-specific files containing all of your company’s timesheet data for payroll collected by Journyx, so you can upload it directly to your payroll providers.

Data Validation

In addition to exporting time and expense data to your payroll system, The Payroll Rules Engine also has a Data Validation Rules component for controlling time entries and keeping those entries associated with your company’s holidays.

Featured Case Studies

RFA Engineering Reduces Payroll Time Using Journyx
RFA Engineering Reduces Payroll Time Using Journyx
We were able to eliminate manual PTO cards and most of our payroll entry time using Journyx. Additionally, our employees appreciate the ability to access Journyx virtually anywhere and not having to email in spreadsheets.