Journyx Time Clock Software

PTO Tracking & Leave Management

Manage benefit accruals automatically

Easily review and approve employee time off requests

Receive valuable reports on attendance patterns

Manage employee vacation time and PTO accruals without the stress

With our time and attendance software, you can set up an unlimited number of rules to manage employee benefit accruals. Our automated system eliminates the need for you to waste time manually reviewing individual employee time off accruals and validate requests.

Vacation Time

Create an accrual for one employee that accrues twice as fast as another accrual if necessary. You can also start employees at a graduated accrual for new employees who have negotiated extra vacation time.

Sick Days

Easily set the amount sick days for your employees, based on your company’s PTO accrual policy. Create different accrual rates and start employees at graduated rates when necessary.

Other Paid or Unpaid Leave

Other excused time off, such as family leave, jury duty, and bereavement time, can easily be managed in our system. Adjust the allowed number of excused days as unique occasions arise.

Resolve time off requests and track accruals, quickly and easily

Easy view of requests on supervisor dashboard

Automate email notifications sent to appropriate supervisors

Automate email notifications sent to employees with time off approval or rejection status

Generate Outlook calendar meeting invitations to block out time off
acumen clockview cx pending time off request
acumen clockview time off accrual

Discover how simple PTO tracking can really be

Identify and address employee attendance habits

Unlock attendance pattern recognition & reporting

With pattern recognition, you can easily identify and address employees who, for example, repeatedly take Mondays or Fridays off or don’t show up for shifts.

Get alerted to any employee's poor attendance

Choose to receive an email alert if an employee takes a sick day shortly before or after a holiday, vacation, or other time off.

Track absences within set timeframes

Get notified automatically when an employee exceeds a given number of absences within a specified timeframe, so you can take quick and appropriate action.

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