Smart Time Tracking

with Journyx

Journyx makes time tracking smarter, easier, and more efficient with features that take the guesswork out of time sheet data collection. Our smart time tracking system enables auto timesheet population methods using custom rules, previous entries, and data pulled from your other existing business systems that auto fill timesheets with smart suggestions.

Software that Implements AI / Machine Learning: Shaping the Future of Work

What are “smart” timesheets?

“Smart” software applications are usually built on a foundation of artificial intelligence (AI) and/or machine learning algorithms, learning from the data inputs to make the user experience easier and more efficient.

Exceptional Business Data Quality

Implementing this machine learning angle into the functionality of "smart" timesheets and time trackers can help businesses not only simplify and automate but gain better business intelligence.

Autofill timesheets with calendar events, tasks, and other data

Using business applications that can easily interface and “speak” to each other is important to make users’ lives easier and improve and simplify data collection.

  • Sync Journyx with all your critical business applications, including accounting/ERP systems, project tools, payroll, phone systems, Microsoft Outlook, and more!
  • Speed up time tracking with suggestions that load automatically from your calendar events/tasks.
  • Automate manual processes with data validation and approval process control.
  • Manage time entries on-the-go with the Journyx mobile app.
Journyx Suggestions for Microsoft Exchange

Now tracking time is even easier with Journyx Suggestions for Microsoft Exchange, which automatically loads suggestions into your timesheet based on calendar events and tasks.