Resource Tracking Software For Project Management & Scheduling

Journyx PX is an enterprise resource management, allocation and scheduling software solution that provides work and financial forecasting and comprehensive project resource allocation and planning for a complete picture of project and budget status, employee time and availability.

resources for project management

Manage Your Resource Allocation and Usage

  • Use our enterprise resource management software to visually track resource usage across projects and non-project activities.
  • Gain clearer insight into resource allocation so you know where and when your people will be used for every project, every time.
  • Get a quick overview of your peoples’ scheduled work through a Gantt chart interface.
  • Plan around vacation schedules and personnel availability using project resource tracking.
resource tracking software

Manage Your Personnel Efficiently

  • Confidently assign the right personnel to the right work by tracking productivity and performance.
  • Minimize potential burnout with improved resource planning, to make sure your people are not underutilized or overused.
  • Boost the value of your contractors and employees by choosing the best skills for mission critical jobs.
project resource tracking

Manage Your Project Schedules

  • Construct project plans with a listing of tasks, their start and end times, cost and work estimates, and assignments.
  • Prevent project and budget disasters by reviewing schedules in real time.
  • Make better business decisions on project status based on real-time data.