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PTO Tracking Software & Vacation Accrual Calculator

Time off accruals—vacation, sick time, jury duty, and the like—are critical aspects of employee time and benefits tracking, yet can be difficult to manage without the right systems in place.

Journyx online timesheet software makes employee time tracking and leave management a breeze. The Journyx PTO Accrual Calculator simplifies the process of tracking employee time off accruals and managing leave requests by providing a simple interface for managing supervisors.

Unlike most other timesheet software solutions, we offer the unique ability to create of specific accrual rules and processes that can be customized and applied as needed to existing users.

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All the functionality you need for leave management.

Assign Accruals

Create distinct Accrual Tiers for any number of accrual types for discrete employee categories (e.g., Full Time, Part Time).

Override Accruals

Some employees become eligible for accruals faster while others are allowed to carry over more hours of a specific type of accrual than others. Configure Accrual Overrides for specific individuals on a case-by-case basis.

Suspend Accruals

Give managers the ability to suspend – and reinstate – accrual accumulation for specific individuals as needed by simply checking a box.

Time to make a move

Journyx offers a simple and reliable application for tracking all types of employee time across your organization. Discover how our industry-leading solution can help you save time with PTO accruals, leave request management, and automated approval processes. Reach out today and experience Journyx.

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Featured Case Studies

Caspian One
Caspian One
Caspian One evaluated many different options before finally landing on Journyx time tracking software. The key feature of Journyx was its Business Central integration.
Just Associates
Just Associates
"We can understand so much more with the use of Journyx and out ability to easily extract, manipulate, and analyze data. I rely on Journyx for KPIs and reports because I trust the data it gives us."
[Journyx PX] gives us this level of detail and it’s no longer lost time or information. It helps us know what’s going on within the company.