Announcing…Journyx 12!

We’re excited to announce the biggest change to the Journyx time and expense tracking platform in our 23-year history—Journyx 12!

With the release of Journyx 12, we’re introducing a brand-new user interface that intends to mirror how employees work today and into the future – making time tracking quicker and easier than ever before. In addition, Journyx 12 provides the data business leaders need to make more informed decisions in a clearer and more insightful way.

Journyx also continues to innovate around artificial intelligence, with AI-driven time tracking that makes the mundane and cumbersome task of filling out a timesheet as easy as possible for employees.

How is the nature of work evolving and how is Journyx adapting to these needs?

  • It’s becoming more global, meaning business is being conducted across the globe, in real time, 24×7. Journyx’s cloud-based time tracking platform serves a global workforce that needs to access and share data around the clock.
  • Employees are more mobile and doing their work from any location and on any device. The Journyx mobile app, which itself will sport a brand-new interface when it launches in late July, provides mobile time tracking capabilities on any Android or iOS device.
  • Work is more fluid, which means that it starts and stops based on business needs rather than a fixed schedule and requires greater agility to move between projects and tasks. By providing a set of smart connections to applications used every day, such as Microsoft Exchange for Outlook and Jira, Journyx gives employees the tools to move from task to task fluidly and track time to those tasks easily.
  • More of the decisions made are data-driven, and therefore companies have a greater need for clear, actionable business data. Journyx gives companies access to powerful graphical reports and dashboards, allowing them to obtain insights from their employee time data and share it easily across the organization.

To see more of what Journyx 12 has to offer, watch our recent webinar recording “Journyx 12 Preview: Changing the Way We Work for Good”.

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