GSS triVIN To Track Time With Journyx Timesheet; Manage Resources and Projects with Journyx ProjectXecute

AUSTIN, TEXAS (September 27, 2010) – General Systems Solutions, a subsidiary of triVIN – the leader in online vehicle registration and titling products – has selected Journyx Timesheet and Journyx ProjectXecute for time-tracking and payroll functionality, as well as project and resource management.

Journyx Timesheet is a timesheet and expense management solution that enables organizations to automate management of employee time and expenses for project control, customer invoicing, and payroll processing. Journyx ProjectXecute unites project planning with resource management, helping companies to execute projects successfully every time.

GSS triVIN sought a better tool for payroll, human resources and time reporting, which led them to evaluate Journyx Timesheet. They were also interested in the continual improvement of their project management processes. Additionally, the company needed tools to optimize the allocation of their resources, as well as track employee time, and improve payroll and human resources functions. Journyx Timesheet, coupled with Journyx ProjectXecute, provided the right solution for GSS triVIN.

“Journyx ProjectXecute not only integrates with Microsoft Project Server, but helps us plan our resource allocation going forward,” said Joe Quaratella, chief technology officer, GSS triVIN. “Resource management is very important to us. Journyx ProjectXecute provides increased visibility to management, showing that our resources are working on the right projects, for the right amount of time, and in the best way for the company. Finding a time and project tracking solution which also enables continual improvement of our project and resource management functions would be a win all-around. This potential is what we found with Journyx.”

Journyx recently launched new versions of both its solutions: Journyx Timesheet 8.0 and Journyx ProjectXecute 8.6. Improvements include a faster user interface, massive scalability to many thousands of projects or users, and streamlined navigation.

“Our interaction with GSS triVIN won’t end with the purchase of our software. We will remain a partner with them that is committed to their success and look forward to working with them for many years to come,” said Curt Finch, CEO, Journyx.

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