HIPAA Ready Adds to Growing List of Customers Managing Projects and Resources with Journyx ProjectXecute

AUSTIN, TEXAS (September 22, 2010) – HIPAA Ready – a group of healthcare, business, information and technology experts who specialize in systems analysis, design, development and implementation – has selected Journyx ProjectXecute for project and resource management. ProjectXecute is an on-demand software solution that tells customers who is working on what, when they’ll be finished and who is available for the next project. This information allows customers to determine which projects are in danger and why, and achieve per-person, per-project profitability.

As HIPAA Ready grew in size, the company needed a project management system to effectively manage its projects and resources. After evaluating several solutions that proved to be too much or too little, HIPAA Ready found that Journyx ProjectXecute provides just what they need.

“Journyx ProjectXecute is simple to implement and, while it provides detailed information, it does not have a lot of overhead complexity,” said Shem Isukh, President and CEO, HIPAA Ready. “The synchronization with Microsoft Project gives us the ability to update projects with actuals. A timesheet is one thing, but tying that timesheet data to project tasks, which helps us manage our projects and resources — that is a big deal! Even if someone spends half of their week on administrative work, this information is valuable to us. ProjectXecute gives us this level of detail and it’s no longer lost time or information. It helps us know what’s going on within the company.”

Journyx ProjectXecute integrates project plans, resource availability and financials to provide a complete view of project profitability in a single system.

“We designed ProjectXecute to be a ‘right-sized’ solution – not too much and not too little,” said Curt Finch, CEO, Journyx. “Journyx ProjectXecute is the perfect solution for organizations who want to reap the benefits of project management technology without the hefty investment or drawn-out implementation timeframe. We’re happy to have HIPAA Ready as part of the ProjectXecute family.”

About HIPAA Ready

Based in Denver, Co., HIPAA Ready, LLC, is comprised of healthcare, business, information and technology experts, specializing in systems analysis, design, development and implementation. To learn more, visit www.hipaa-ready.com.

About Journyx, Inc.

Journyx is the first company to provide Web-based time-tracking, project accounting and resource management solutions that guide customers to per-person, per-project profitability.

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