How Dynamics GP Can Help Your Business Grow

How can GP help your business grow, even in a crisis?

The current disruption in the world economy caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has put tremendous stress on businesses everywhere. While bigger, multinational firms are usually able to weather turbulent times in part because of their massive size, many smaller and mid-sized firms are struggling to survive.

The team at GP Optimizer understands these challenges and has worked consistently over the years to provide expertise and a voice of assistance to SMBs on the Dynamics GP platform. Now more than ever, using the tools offered in GP is an important task to keep operations running smoothly. The GP Optimizer community includes many impressive add-on tools from other software developers, and those applications also deliver key functionality.

Even in normal times, GP Optimizer is here to help you get more out of GP to run a more productive and profitable business. In these more difficult days, we’ve doubled our efforts to inform and educate our audience about the best practices for your people, your processes, and your technology.

To highlight all of these great tools and best practices within GP, GP Optimizer is hosting a special two-day workshop on Tuesday, July 28th and Thursday, July 30th. We’re bringing the pages of our publication to life with interactive sessions covering key issues in supply chain management, AP and payroll, tax compliance, and many more. You can register for our first-ever GP Optimizer Live event here.

After you sign up, take a moment to think about your business and where you stand at this moment. Where are the weak links that need to be addressed? What has the health crisis changed about your day-to-day operations?

While it may have taken a global crisis to expose some of these issues, there may have been lingering problems that have been ignored as you work from home or move to staggered scheduling. We want to see you survive these challenging times and be in a position to improve your operations as the world adjusts. What are the problems your business needs to solve to make better, smarter decisions on a daily basis?

Managing your business requires the right tools for the job and utilizing them to their full potential. You’ve got a great tool in GP, and we’re here to help you get more out of your systems and your data.

Register and learn more about all of the sessions and guest speakers at GP Optimizer Comes Alive here.

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