InterSys Consulting Improves Customer Service and Efficiency with Journyx Timesheet

Improved Time Tracking Allows the IT Consulting Provider to Increase Goodwill with Customers

AUSTIN, TEXAS (June 3, 2011) – Journyx today announces that InterSys Consulting – a premier provider of IT consulting services – is achieving stellar results with Journyx Timesheet. InterSys is able to provide better customer service to clients, save at least two hours every week, and collect employee time quickly and accurately. The Journyx Reportlink module allows InterSys to slice and dice data in many ways, providing meaningful reports for InterSys as well as InterSys customers.

InterSys Consulting has four areas of focus: project-based software development and project consulting, staff augmentation, direct hire and offshore development. It is critical for InterSys that all time tracking, billing, and employee and project hours are 100% correct. InterSys uses Paychex for payroll and decided to use the time-keeping functionality built into Paychex to track the aforementioned hours. However, they found the Paychex time tracking application’s user interface to be complicated and confusing, and employees were making mistakes inputting information.

InterSys uses Timesheet mostly for time tracking and expenses, and it’s used for all billable consultants working at clients’ sites. The Journyx Accountlink module seamlessly integrates Timesheet with Paychex and Quickbooks. InterSys uses Timesheet for tracking fixed price project work and approving employee hours.

“We are very pleased with Journyx Timesheet,” said J.R. Carter, InterSys CEO. “One of our clients (where we provide onsite staffing) recently had a quarterly business review. Intersys was included in the review and we achieved the highest rating due in part to Journyx Timesheet and its ease of use. Formerly at this client site, timesheets were being filled out wrong and time tracking in general was a big pain. Our client said, ‘We told you that time tracking was a hassle and you listened to us and made the switch. Now time tracking is simple and we appreciate that.’”

“Many times, we focus primarily on how we are helping our own customers but InterSys is a great example of how we can also help our customers increase business and goodwill with their customers,” said Curt Finch, Journyx CEO. “Our customers’ customers are an extension of Journyx and it’s important to us that they’re happy and profitable, too.”

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About InterSys Consulting

InterSys Consulting is a premier provider of IT consulting services. A Texas company with a global reach, the company is a leader in data warehousing, business intelligence and custom application development. 

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Journyx helps customers intelligently invest their time and resources to achieve per-person, per-project profitability. Journyx Timesheet is a timesheet and expense management solution that enables organizations to automate management of employee time and expenses for project control, customer invoicing, and payroll processing.

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